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Four key areas are at the centre of the automotive industry: combustion engine, chassis & brakes, driveline and e-mobility. In all four areas, the focus is on the development of highly efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles. Improvements to the chassis and brakes are aimed at reducing weight and improving general vehicle safety. Optimisation of the driveline increases efficiency across the entire spectrum of mobility. The classic combustion engine is being further optimised in terms of emissions so that it remains attractive on the market and is also used in combined drive solutions such as hybrid vehicles or in the area of e-fuels. At the same time, focussing on e-mobility with advanced battery technology and expanding charging options will enable a significant step towards an emission-free future. These four areas complement each other to lead the automotive industry into a more sustainable future. 

MAPAL develops innovations to meet the challenges of the automotive industry. These innovations are successfully used in all these areas by well-known manufacturers and their suppliers.

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  • 完整的工件解决方案,包括工具、设备、NC 程序和调试。
  • 单一来源的完整流程设计和实施。
  • 快速灵活的全球现场支持。
  • 高效和成本优化的技术。
  • 刃具、工件、设备和机床的最佳协调。
  • 从一开始就具有最高的产品质量、工艺可靠性和成本效益.
  • 从规划到正式生产,保证最大的安全性。

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