Tool management

Valve housing EN-GJS-400-15 – complete machining
Tool management for large series with billing based on costs per part (CPP) and highest productivity increase

Initial situation at the customer

  • High inventories
  • Processes in the tool-setting area not optimal, and incomplete data quality
  • Cost transparency is not sufficient
  • High fluctuation due to general lack of skilled workers
  • Problems with tool breakage
  • High tool costs
UNIBASE software

UNIBASE software

  • Web interface for external access via an app
  • Optional connection to the cloudbased open platform c-Com
  • Comprehensive assessment possibilities
  • Few clicks to the dispensing of an item
  • Permanent, automatic stock monitoring
  • Possibility of connection to existing ERP systems



  • Ideal storage system for tools, parts and accessories
  • Limited dispensing for the targeted withdrawal of individual parts
  • Variable drawer arrangement



  • Safe storage of completely assembled tools
  • Storing long tools vertically
  • No risk for the inserts
  • Upright cabinets with roller-guided drawers
  • Can be integrated into existing systems
  • Proven in use for tool management projects



  • Single dispensing system
  • Storage of small and individual parts
  • Single dispensing increases theft protection
  • Ready for use as a single solution or in existing systems

Billing options

After withdrawal
With this billing model, you receive one invoice with all the tools used at the end of the month. Your procurement effort and your financial bookkeeping are significantly simplified as a result.

Cost per part
You remain particularly flexible and are guaranteed annual savings. With this model the tool costs per part produced are calculated. This option ensures optimal cost distribution with fluctuating volumes.



  • Using up of excess inventory
  • Cost transparency
  • Latest tool technologies
  • Reduced tool variety and standardisation
  • Tools are provided on the machine by MAPAL personnel
  • Constant tool use
  • Predictable and consistent tool costs due to billing based on costs per part (CPP).


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Contact person

Sebastian Kreller Department Manager Tool Management Services +49 7361 585 3432