• An exterior view of Hall 6 at the MAPAL headquarters in Aalen.

MAPAL in Aalen

Headquarters of the MAPAL Group

This is where you can really feel the heartbeat of MAPAL: Aalen is the location for MAPAL’s headquarters – rooted in the region, with international vision. 
Around 1,800 employees at the Aalen site are shaping our present and our future. Almost 130 trainees are on board – out of dedication. As one of the largest employers in the region, we create a clear perspective for the future. We’re proud of this.

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Employee Benefits in Aalen

Enjoying a good work-life balance, having an attractive working environment and participating in forward-looking training opportunities – we share your view of modern working.
​​​​​​​We offer our employees the following benefits.

Company physician

We regularly carry out occupational health examinations at the workplaces. In this way, we want to determine and maintain physical suitability for certain activities and identify any possible impairments as early as possible. Because your safety comes first at all times.

Of course, our employees can also contact the company medical service outside of these examinations if they don’t feel well.

Canteen & food allowances
Our employees can choose between varied and freshly pre-pared meals in the company canteen. We subsidise lunch.
Catering facilities

In our company canteen we offer a wide range of hot lunches, which are served to employees in meal trays. Food that employees bring in themselves can also be freshly heated. In the bright and spacious rooms, there is an opportunity to talk to colleagues during the main meal times.
In addition, snack and beverage vending machines are available throughout the company buildings.

Barrier-free workplace
We are actively committed to providing equal opportunities for all employees. For example, colleagues from the Council of Employees with Disabilities look after the special interests of people with disabilities, support them and provide them with advice.
Especially during the induction phase, mentors are on hand to offer you support and advice on a wide range of topics.
Company pension plan
We support our employees in building up an additional pension plan in order to be able to close any pension gap that may arise in retirement. For all employees, we also offer a monthly allowance for capital-forming payments.
Health measures

We encourage our employees to be healthy. Specialists from the occupational health service advise and support our employees in order to prevent and treat illnesses. They also offer various preventive examinations.

We’re also happy to support sporting activities employees take up outside the workplace. For example, we pay part of the entry fees for various swimming, running and cycling competitions or provide you with team clothing.

On top of this, our employees can attend seminars and workshops on the topics of ergonomics at the workplace, exercise, nutrition and stress management.

Flexible working hours

Space for personal commitments: As far as possible, our employees can decide for themselves when they start and finish work. Of course, this is done in consultation with the respective department and the other colleagues there. 

Employees working in shifts, trainees, interns and holiday workers work fixed hours because of their dependence on other employees. 

Mobile working
We make room for flexibility. That is why our employees also have the option of working on the go if required.
Participation by employees
We are all one MAPAL – your ideas are an important building block for our joint success. That is why we actively involve our employees in the continuous improvement process, therefore increasing product and process quality. 
Good transport links
Our sites are conveniently situated and easy to reach by bus, train or car.
Parking lot
Our employees can park their vehicles or bicycles on our premises free of charge. There are plenty of places available.
Company car possible
Our employees receive a company car, depending on their position and tasks.
Events for employees

Our company has grown as a family business – and we feel just like a big family. That’s why we also want to celebrate together. Depending on the site, there are summer festivals, for example, or even our annual Christmas market. Our MAPAL Football World Cup or European Championship takes place every two years, bringing together colleagues from various sites across Germany and abroad.

Some events are only for employees, others are open to relatives and visitors. 
We are one MAPAL and recognise the achievements of our employees: That is why we honour long-serving colleagues once a year during a special celebration and also like to invite our retirees.

Discounts for employees

In the MAPAL Fanshop, our employees can purchase high-quality workwear, clothing for leisure time, practical items for everyday use and a constantly growing range of items for fans of the company. 

They also get exclusive discounts on travel, fashion, technology and much more. The monthly changing offers can be viewed directly on the Intranet via an online platform or via the corresponding app.

Intranet & Internet
Digital support as well: During break times, employees are allowed to use the Internet for private purposes, as private matters can also be important and urgent.
As well as this, they will find a wealth of information, services and opportunities for successful collaboration with and at MAPAL on our Intranet pages.
We help families with small children find suitable childcare places. For this reason, we’ve reserved a number of places in the new day care centre in the nearby Albstift as part of a cooperation with the city of Aalen from April 2019. The fees for day care are paid by the parents.
Water dispenser
Modern water dispensers are installed at central locations throughout the company premises. There you can tap freshly treated tap water at any time, either carbonated or non-carbonated. Use of the water dispensers is free of charge.
We offer our employees the opportunity to lease a high-quality bicycle or pedelec. The conditions are favourable because the monthly instalments are financed by deferred compensation. This saves taxes. The bike can be used both for commuting to work and for leisure. At the end of the three-year leasing period, the bike can be returned or taken over at its residual value.

Feel free to contact us!

  • Uwe Heßler

    Training Manager
    Your contact for technical apprenticeships
    Phone.:  +49 7361 585-3115

  • Michaela Brendle

    Your contact for commercial apprenticeships and internships
    Phone: +49 7361 585-3306
    ​​​​​​​E-Mail: michaela.brendle@mapal.com

  • Michael Barth

    Your contact for IT apprenticeships 
    Phone: +49 7361 585-1464
    ​​​​​​​E-Mail: michael.barth@mapal.com

  • Andrea Krämer

    Your contact for dual study programmes, theses, internships
    Phone: +49 7361 585-1559
    E-Mail: andrea.kraemer@mapal.com

  • Gerd Dambacher

    Your contact for technical internships
    Phone: +49 7361 585-1411
    ​​​​​​​E-Mail: gerd.dambacher@mapal.com

  • Laura Kuhar

    Your contact for work placements, holiday jobs, substitutes
    Phone: +49 7361 585-3684
    ​​​​​​​E-Mail: laura.kuhar@mapal.com

The training team at the Aalen site


The area of apprenticeships is top priority, as MAPAL places great importance on training tomorrow's specialists. There are currently five supervisors at the training centre in Aalen, along with Uwe Heßler, who is in charge of training and apprenticeships, and responsible for the industrial/technical division. Michaela Brendle (3rd from right) looks after the commercial trainees. Michael Barth (not pictured) is responsible for the IT trainees. Matthias Vossler (not pictured) completes the training team. The warehouse logistics specialists and warehouse specialists complete their training with him.


Michael Barth

I am Michael Barth and have been working as a training officer in the IT sector for over 20 years. As a trainer in this area, it is particularly important to me to provide the best possible support to our trainee IT specialists in both technical and practical terms. 

The continuity of my role as training officer emphasises the sustainable training practice at MAPAL. The training of computer scientists is an important task that encompasses a broad spectrum of IT knowledge and skills. Teaching programming skills, network technologies and other relevant skills is therefore crucial to prepare our trainees for their professional challenges.


Daniel Bayerle

I am Daniel Bayerle and at the training centre I am responsible for imparting knowledge in the field of conventional turning and milling as well as the basics of CNC milling. I enjoy passing on my knowledge to young and motivated people and preparing them for their future working life.

After my training as a cutting machine operator and two years as a CNC lathe operator, I joined MAPAL as a CNC grinder in June 2014. After three years on a CNC-controlled five-axis grinding machine, I trained to become a metalworking foreman and then took on the role of production foreman in cutting edge production. I have been working in the training centre since the start of training in 2022 and supervise trainees in their first and second year of training.


Heiko Berger

I am Heiko Berger and I supervise the trainees in the training centre in the areas of cylindrical/flat and tool grinding.

I myself completed my training as a cutting machine operator at MAPAL. I was particularly interested in the CNC grinding specialisation. After my apprenticeship, I therefore worked in the HPR fixed tools department at MAPAL and at the same time trained to become an IHK industrial foreman. After my further training, I gained experience in work preparation and finally moved to the training centre in 2014.


Michaela Brendle

I am Michaela Brendle, trainer for industrial clerks. I supervise our trainees from the job interview to the induction programme and intensive preparation for the final examination. During their three-year training programme, I also support young, motivated people in their personal development. This gives me great pleasure. I maintain close contact with the trainees. My door is always open for any questions.

I am a qualified industrial clerk myself. I have been working at MAPAL since 2014 and took over responsibility for commercial training in 2021.


Gerd Dambacher

My name is Gerd Dambacher and I supervise our trainees in their 1st year of training. I also prepare our industrial mechanics for their final exams. It gives me great pleasure to see how young people develop into great adults during their training period.

I completed my training as a cutting machine operator here at MAPAL in 1994. I then worked in fixture construction and had contact with many trainees there. Alongside my work, I successfully completed further training as a technician in mechanical engineering and a course of study to become a certified vocational teacher (IHK). Finally, in 1999, I came to my current place of work - the training centre.


Peter Kohnle

I am Peter Kohnle and I supervise our 2nd and 3rd year apprentices in the areas of CNC turning and CNC milling. I enjoy working with young, motivated people, passing on my expertise and supporting the trainees until they successfully complete their training. 

After my training as a cutting machine operator at MAPAL, I programmed and milled ISO tools on the machine. After three years on the job, I trained as a mechanical engineering technician. I then worked on the programming of multi-spindle machines. In 2013, I moved to the training centre and completed further qualifications so that I could train young people.


Robin Offinger

I am Robin Offinger and I supervise our trainees in the areas of CNC milling and turning. I also prepare our cutting machine operators for their final exams. Supporting young people at this stage of their lives is a great and exciting task. I really enjoy helping to shape the trainees' development and accompanying them on their journey from school to working life. 

I am a trained cutting machine operator and worked for six years as a CNC grinder in MAPAL adapter production. Whilst working, I completed further training to become a technical business administrator (IHK). I have been a technical instructor at our training centre since 2002.

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