•  The picture shows a technical advisor from MAPAL in conversation with a customer.
  • Three generations of the Kress family are shown in the picture: Dr Georg Kress, Dr Jochen Kress and Dr Dieter Kress.
  • The picture shows the main MAPAL plant in Aalen from the outside.
  • From dialogue to partnership

    As a technology partner we support our customers with the development of efficient and resource-saving manufacturing processes using standard tools, individual tool concepts and the optimisation of tool details.

    Our tools satisfy all the requirements on process reliability, precision and simple handling.

  • From dialogue to partnership

    We maintain the dialogue with our customers during every task with which we are entrusted and beyond. As a result we are familiar with the challenges in the individual sectors and have many years of experience in implementing specific requirements into tangible, effective solutions.

  • From dialogue to partnership

    We, of course, continue to maintain the dialogue with our employees, with our business partners, with the institutions in our home region and worldwide.

    Because more evolves from this dialogue: more trust, more success. For us this means partnership.

MAPAL in numbers

  •  The picture shows a MAPAL groove milling cutter in use.


    Technology leader for the machining of cubic parts

  •  In the picture, the viewer takes a look into the MAPAL test and development center in Aalen.


    Annual investment in research and development of 6% of turnover

  •  On the world map, the countries with MAPAL subsidiaries are highlighted in green and the countries with sales representatives in light green.


    Subsidiaries with production, sales and service in 25 countries

  • In the picture, two trainees check the accuracy of a tool.


    More than 300 trainees worldwide

  •  The picture shows a technical advisor from MAPAL in conversation with a customer.


    Over 450 technical consultants on the road

  • Two MAPAL employees at their desks can be seen in this picture.


    Our most important asset: more than 5.000 employees worldwide

From trainee to the specialist – people at MAPAL

People at MAPAL can be seen in this picture.
The more than 5,000 employees in 25 countries are an essential element of the success of MAPAL. MAPAL builds on the know-how and the commitment of its employees and in return offers the best conditions for a successful, secure future. With interesting, varied jobs, extensive opportunities for personal and professional further development, and modern working conditions in a global environment, MAPAL sets the course for a long-term partnership with its employees.

​​​​​​​One focus is the training and retention of young people. This is achieved by a broad training programme that includes more than 300 trainees and dual study course students every year. Modern training centres and a consistent teaching concept ensure that these trainees can start work seamlessly on completing their training. In addition, students have the opportunity to implement their theoretical knowledge directly in practice during internships or student placements. They can write their thesis and in this way build up an initial network of contacts at MAPAL.

History of the MAPAL Group

MAPAL can look back on a successful corporate history. From the very beginning, this history was characterised by continuity and an innovative spirit that is nourished by Swabian ingenuity and creativity, as well as by the entrepreneurial courage of the Kress family as the company's owners.
  • The picture shows Dr. Georg Kress, the company founder of MAPAL

    1950 Founding:
    a risky undertaking at the outset

    At the age of almost 50, Dr Georg Kress takes the risk of founding MAPAL Dr. Kress KG in Aalen. The product range initially includes tap drills and woodworking machines.

  • The picture shows the original reamer, the first MAPAL product from 1954.

    1954 Original reamer:
    the first MAPAL innovation

    Dr Georg Kress procures the patent for a singlebladed reamer from an Italian inventor. The principle of this reamer did not work straight away. Only the ingenuity and creativity from MAPAL made a successful implementation possible.

  • The MAPAL site in the 1960s can be seen in this picture.

    1960-1969 Growth
    on a solid foundation

    The company grows to 130 employees with innovative power, entrepreneurial foresight and sound business management. To give further development a foundation, Dr Georg Kress buys additional land around the company premises.

  •  Dr. Dieter Kress, the son of the company founder and MAPAL's President until 2018.

    1969 Success in the second generation

    Dr Dieter Kress, son of the company founder, joins the company.

  • The picture shows various reaming and fine boring tools, the core competence of MAPAL.

    1970–1979 Specialisation
    for more innovative power

    In the 1970s MAPAL specialises in the manufacture of tools with blades for the fine machining of bores. The manufacture of tap drills and dies, and subsequently also thread rolling tools, is discontinued. Instead, research and development are optimally structured and intensively driven forward.

  •  The picture shows the MAPAL branch in the USA, in Port Huron, Michigan.

    1977 New territory:
    the first subsidiary

    Looking to the west: in 1977 MAPAL founds the first subsidiary in the USA.

  • The photo shows the main MAPAL plant in the 1980s.

    1980–1989 Technology leader in new area

    In the 1980s, MAPAL grows from 180 employees to 480 and takes on a technologically leading position by drastically expanding the product range. The company opens up the automotive industry on a broad scale and re-organises it's sales.

  • This aerial photo of the MAPAL plant in Aalen was taken in the 1990s.

    1990–1999 Competence by means of new technologies

    The service area as well as the product range are significantly expanded, subsidiaries founded at home and abroad. With 1,700 employees in 1999, the MAPAL Group is a respected technology partner worldwide and one of the leading companies for custom tools.

  •  The picture shows the headquarters of MAPAL do Brasil.

    MAPAL in South America

    First subsidiary in South America (Brazil).

  • The Indian MAPAL branch can be seen in the picture.

    MAPAL in Asia

    First subsidiary on the Asian market (India)

  • An overview of the complete range of tools from MAPAL.

    2000–2009 Quality around the globe – with a strong foundation in Germany

    In the 2000s the product range is systematically completed; further subsidiaries are established worldwide. With cost-effective, reliable, custom tool solutions, MAPAL taps new markets and also grows in challenging sectors such as the aerospace industry. MAPAL continues to rely on its strong foundation in Germany.

  • Three generations of the Kress family are shown in the picture: Dr Georg Kress, Dr Jochen Kress and Dr Dieter Kress.

    2008 Continuity in the owner family

    In January 2008, Dr Jochen Kress joins the executive board of the MAPAL Group as the third generation.

  •  The picture shows a technical advisor from MAPAL in conversation with a customer.

    2010-2019 World-leading technology partner

    Due to continuous innovation and international growth, MAPAL has established itself as a specialist for machining cubic parts. With great expertise, extensive experience and a comprehensive range of products and services, today MAPAL is the world-leading technology partner.

  • MAPAL's own CVD coating plant.

    2012 Competence in coating at MAPAL

    MAPAL has its own CVD coating plant.

  • The picture shows a tablet on which the application interface of c-Com GmbH is running.

    Digitalization: c-Com

    Founding of c-Com GmbH. c-Com connects all stakeholders such as suppliers, manufacturers or service providers on a common fully digital platform for tool management and collaborative commerce.

  •  It is a portrait of Dr Jochen Kress, President of MAPAL since 2018.

    2018 Stability in third generation

    On 1 January 2018, Dr Jochen Kress takes over the responsibility for the MAPAL Group. Dr Dieter Kress transfers the position of President to him.

Markets and sectors

  •  Two cars symbolize the automotive industry, an important sales market for MAPAL.
  • A milling cutter on a mold symbolizes die and mould making, an important sales market for MAPAL.
  •  An aircraft turbine symbolizes the aerospace industry, an important sales market for MAPAL.
  • A look into a production hall symbolizes mechanical engineering, an important sales market for MAPAL.
  • A wind turbine symbolizes the wind power industry, an important sales market for MAPAL.
  • An e-car connected to the power supply symbolizes electromobility, an important sales market for MAPAL.
  • A stethoscope symbolizes medical technology, an important sales market for MAPAL.
  •  The section of a ship stands for shipbuilding, an important customer sector for MAPAL.
  • A rail network symbolizes rail traffic, an important sales sector for MAPAL.
In many years of close collaboration with its customers, MAPAL has obtained a deep understanding of the processes for almost all methods and applications in machining manufacture. MAPAL machining solutions are used in application areas in a very wide range of sectors.

For the challenges of the automotive industry and the related underlying large-scale series production, MAPAL prepares innovations that are used successfully in the chassis and power train areas, as well as inelectric mobility,

MAPAL is also an accredited partner for the aerospace industry and sets trends and standards in manufacturing and machining technology.

A comprehensive product range is available evenfor the newest field of competence, tool and mould making.

Tool and process solutions combined with comprehensive services

MAPAL has a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. As such, individually designed  custom tools and high-performance standard products are used to create machining solutions that optimally address the requirements for process reliability, precision and cost-effectiveness.
Supplemented by intelligent services, the customer receives a complete package for the machining process.
  •  The two reaming heads represent the MAPAL reaming and fine boring product area.

    Reaming and fine boring

    Tools for the fine machining of bores represent the core competence of MAPAL. MAPAL offers a suitable solution depending on the complexity of the machining operation and the requirements on precision and surface finish

  • The replaceable head drill symbolizes MAPAL's product area of drilling from the solid, boring and countersinking.

    Drilling, boring and countersinking

    The range for drilling from solid includes solutions for the reliable and cost-effective machining of almost every workpiece material and is completed by modern replaceable head systems. Boring tools for the machining step between drilling from solid and fine machining must represent an optimal combination of robustness. 

  •  The milling product area from MAPAL is represented by these two tools.


    MAPAL offers the right tool for every milling operation. These include solid carbide end milling cutters, milling cutters with PCD-tipped cutting edges, as well as milling cutters with  replaceable ISO inserts. Along with the common types of machining, MAPAL also covers special methods such as circular milling, trochoidal milling or helix milling.

  • These three clamping devices symbolize the wide range of clamping technology.


    On the usage of tools, their connection to the machine spindle, and with it the clamping technology, has a central role. For every application, the clamping technology range from MAPAL offers a connection that ensures the tool has the performance, radial run-out accuracy and changeover accuracy it needs in use.

  • The turning product area from MAPAL is represented by this turning holder and the turning inserts.


    MAPAL's focus in the area of turning is on hard turning using PcBN. Special tool systems and a broad selection of standard indexable inserts are partof the range. The portfolio is supplemented by HSK-T turning holders that make it possible to exploit the advantages of the HSK connection also on lathes.

  •  The complex tool represents the actuation product area from MAPAL.


    Actuating tools stand for the highest rationalisation and optimisation potential during the machining of complex contours, non-cylindrical bores, face surfaces or recesses, whether on custom machines or for complete machining on flexible machining centres.

  •  The setting, measuring, dispensing product area is shown in this picture.

    Setting, measuring and dispensing

    In modern manufacturing facilities, mature storage systems and highly precise setting fixtures and measuring devices are used for the technical and logistical processing of the individual items of production equipment. A holisticmodular system is available for this area with the products andservices from MAPAL.

  • The picture symbolizes the services product area at MAPAL.


    In the metal-machining industry, the focus is on process costs. Anybody who wants to control them must understand all processes. MAPAL supports production during all phases and areas with custom services from the areas of engineering, logistics, maintenance and training.

Innovative power

The picture takes a look at the MAPAL test and development center at the Aalen site.
MAPAL places great value on continuous research to be able to offer customers solutions for the implementation of megatrends using innovative products. Close contact with customers, partners and institutes forms the basis for this activity. The systematic development of specific products and services from ideas to market maturity is a hallmark of MAPAL.
  •  MAPAL began working intensively on the machining of components for electric motors at an early stage.

    Mastering the challenges of the future

    Megatrends are important drivers for innovations. Requirements that modern tool technology must address stem from overriding topics such as energy efficiency or the conservation of resources, and also the very latest developments such as the change in the drive train of vehicles or Industry 4.0.

    Currently there is a particular focus on the changes in the automotive sector. The change away from the combustion engine to electric mobility is occupying precision tool manufacturers, among others, to a particular degree. Thanks to the intensive collaboration
    with automotive manufacturers and suppliers, MAPAL was able to offer holistic solutions for
    machining the parts of electric motors at a very early stage and in this way live up to its reputation as an innovative, dependable partner for projects of the future.

  • The tablet with production parameters symbolizes the innovative strength of MAPAL.

    Digitalisation creates transparent processes

    Digitalisation is also placing particular demands on the company. Here two basic developments are important: first the digitalisation of MAPAL itself that offers better customer service and is an even more dependable partner due to improved transparency, consistency of data and uniform standards worldwide. In addition, the digital networking of the business along the value chain produces new products or significant changes to products.
    MAPAL has invested intensively here in the past few years and, with c-Com, is the first company in the sector to develop an open, digital, cloud-based platform for collaborative data management for tools.

  •  Additively manufactured clamping chucks represent the innovative strength of MAPAL.

    Identifying and implementing opportunities

    MAPAL is one of the first companies in the sector to address selective laser melting intensively. Based on extensive foundation work, the major potential of 3D printing in relation to the design of tools has been tapped in the research and development area. New possibilities for design, especially for small, delicate as well as geometrically complicated tools can be mentioned here as well as possible weight savings due to integrated internal cavities. Today, selective laser melting represents an excellent addition to production by machining.

Globally consistent production

Two MAPAL employees are having a technical discussion in production.
MAPAL attaches great importance to globally consistent, highly modern production. Continuous investments in machines, systems and NC programs, in quality assurance and certification, as well as in the training and further training of employees ensure the innovative MAPAL products are produced to the same high quality worldwide.

Technically orientated field service

The technical field staff from MAPAL are in close contact with the customers.
Proximity to the customer is not just a slogan at MAPAL, instead it is an essential part of the corporate identity. Only by means of regular contact on equal terms is it possible to become familiar and understand in detail customers' processes and the challenges in the different sectors and markets. And to make more and more improvements on this basis. This is what more than 450 employees in the technically orientated field service stand for worldwide.

Close to the customer - worldwide

The close dialogue with customers and therefore also the early identification of technological requirements and approaches for innovations are an essential pillar of corporate policy for MAPAL. Accordingly, MAPAL is represented directly with production subsidiaries and sales subsidiaries in 25 countries. As such, short distances, personal contacts and long-term partnerships are possible. Along with its subsidiaries, MAPAL products are available
in 19 further countries via sales representatives.

​​​​​​​In addition to the headquarters of the MAPAL Group in Aalen, there are eight further sites in Germany representing technologically leading tool solutions. The centres of competence, as acknowledged specialists in their area, safeguard a high standard of production, support regional sales and are responsible for the transfer of knowhow and expertise to the subsidiaries worldwide.
  • It is an illustration of the world map with Brazil highlighted in colour.
    1 / 24


    MAPAL do BRASIL - Ferramentas de Precisão Ltda.

    Head office:
    Rodovia Alça Leste, 2600
    Distrito Industrial
    Ibirité – MG / CEP: 32433-000
    Tel.: +55 (0) 31 21918200
    E-Mail: comunicacao.br@mapal.com
  • An illustration of the world map with Mexico highlighted in color.
    2 / 24


    MAPAL Frhenosa


    Juárez No. 700 Norte
    66230 San Pedro Garza García
    Phone: +52 (01) 8183 388116
    Fax: +52 (01) 8183 381991
    E-Mail: info@mx.mapal.com​​​​​​​

    Av. 1948 #111
    76246 El Marques, Queretaro
    Phone: +52 442 672 7370
    E-Mail: info@mx.mapal.com

  •  The USA are highlighted in color on the world map.
    3 / 24


    MAPAL Inc.

    4032 Dove Road
    48060 Port Huron (MI)
    Tel.: +1 810 3648020
    Fax +1 810 3644750

    South Carolina:
    110 Valley View Road
    29644 Fountain Inn (SC)
    Tel.: +1 864 8817911
    Fax +1 864 8628679

    E-Mail: info.us@mapal.com
  • An illustration of the world map with Germany highlighted in color.
    4 / 24


    In addition to the headquarters of the MAPAL Group in Aalen, there are six further sites in Germany. 
  • France is highlighted in color on the world map.
    5 / 24


    MAPAL France S.A.S.

    Head office::
    Z.I. La Siladière
    42500 Le Chambon Feugerolles Cedex
    Tel.: +33 (0) 477 618590
    E-Mail: info.fr@mapal.com

    Sales office Paris:
    Parc d'affairs - Paris Nord 2
    Bâtiment EULER
    33, rue des Vanesses
    93420 VILLEPINTE
    Tel.: +33 (0) 141 840611
    E-Mail: info.fr@mapal.com

    More Sites:
    ​​​​​​​Produktionsstandort Toulouse - Tel.: +33 (0) 562 475555
    Service-Center Nantes - Tel.: Tel.: +33 (0) 240 710030
  • It is an illustration of the world map with Great Britain highlighted in colour.
    6 / 24

    Great Britain

    MAPAL Ltd.
    Old Leicester Road, Swift Park
    CV21 1DZ Rugby, Warwickshire

    Tel: +44 (0) 1788 574700
    Fax: +44 (0) 1788 569551
    E-Mail: sales.uk@mapal.com


    Rainey MAPAL Group
    Enterprise Crescent,
    BT28 2BP

    Tel: +44 (0) 28 9266 9233
    E-Mail: sales@raineys.co.uk
  • Italy is highlighted on the world map.
    7 / 24


    MAPAL Italia S.R.L.
    Via Monza 82
    20060 Gessate (MI)

    Tel.: +39 02 953861
    Fax: +39 02 95386201
    E-Mail: info.it@mapal.com
  • It is an illustration of the world map with Austria highlighted in color.
    8 / 24


    MAPAL Dr. Kress KG
    Sales Manager Ewald Gringer
    Dolomitstr. 6
    4541 Adlwang

    Tel.: +43 664 1002410
    E-Mail: ewald.gringer@mapal.com
  • An illustration of the world map with Poland highlighted in colour.
    9 / 24


    MAPAL Narzedzia Precyzyjne Spółka z o.o.
    ul. Polna 121
    62-052 Komorniki

    Phone: +48 665 002 489
    Email: info.pl@mapal.com

  • Romania is highlighted in color on the world map.
    10 / 24


    MAPAL Microtek SRL
    Strada Nouă 27
    Codlea 505100

    Phone: +40 268 506 406 
    Fax: + 40 268 506 407
    E-Mail: lenica.stefan@mapal.com
  • Switzerland is highlighted on the world map.
    11 / 24


    MAPAL Dr. Kress KG
    Sales Manager Andreas Mollet
    Gässli 10
    4588 Brittern

    ​​​​​​​Tel.: +41 79 794 7980
    Fax: +41 32661 0181
    E-Mail: andreas.mollet@mapal.com
  • It is an illustration of the world map with the Czech Republic and Slovakia highlighted in color.
    12 / 24

    Czech Republic | Slovakia

    MAPAL C&S s.r.o.
    Bezděčín 126
    293 01 Mladá Boleslav

    Tel.: +420 326 397 797
    Mobile: +420 739 679 993
    E-Mail: info.cz@mapal.com
    Whistleblowing address: incident.cz@mapal.com
  • An illustration of the world map with Hungary highlighted in colour.
    13 / 24


    MAPAL Hungaria GmbH
    Sales Manager Andras Koleszar
    Lövőház u.30
    1024 Budapest

    Tel.: +36 (0) 20 3887603
    Fax: +36 (0) 1 7835255
    E-Mail: andras.koleszar@mapal.com
  • 14 / 24


    MAPAL China Ltd.

    No. 361, Hongzhong Road
    201103 Shanghai
    Tel.: +86 21 54223177
    Fax: +86 21 54223176
    E-Mail: mapalchina@mapal.com

    Tel.: +86 21 54223172
    Fax: +86 21 54223033
    E-Mail: production.cn@mapal.com
  • India is highlighted on the world map.
    15 / 24


    MAPAL INDIA Pvt. Ltd.
    SF. No: 186 & 187
    Chennappachettipudur Post
    Coimbatore - 641659, India

    Tel.: +91 422 2228888
    E-Mail: info.in@mapal.com
  • It is an illustration of the world map with Indonesia highlighted in colour.
    16 / 24


    Ruko ASTC Blok 10B No.16
    Alam Sutera Pakulonan Serpong Utara
    Tangerang Selatan Banten 15325

    Tel.: +62 21 29008628 / 29211452
    Fax: +62 21 29008629
    E-Mail: info.id@mapal.com
  • An illustration of the world map with Japan highlighted in colour.
    17 / 24


    4-235-1 Sakae
    341-0043 Saitama

    Tel.: +81 (0) 48 9491400
    Fax: +81 (0) 48 9491401
    E-Mail: info.jp@mapal.com
  • Malaysia is highlighted in colour on the world map.
    18 / 24


    MAPAL Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
    No. 3, Jalan Taming P/1
    Taman Taming Jaya, Balakong
    43300 Selangor Darul Ehsan

    Tel.: +603-8961 9196 / +603-8964 0226 / +6012-510 9196
    E-Mail: info.my@mapal.com
  • Singapore is highlighted on the world map.
    19 / 24


    MAPAL Asia TET Office
    No. 51, Bukit Batok Crescent
    658077 Singapore

    ​​​​​​​Tel.: +65 09686 9805
  • It is an illustration of the world map with South Korea highlighted in colour.
    20 / 24

    South Korea

    MAPAL HiTECO Co. Ltd.
    27, MTV 24-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do
    Zip-code: 15117
    Tel.: +82 (0) 1661 0091
    Fax: +82 (0) 31 319 4757
    E-Mail: mh@mapalhiteco.com
  • An illustration of the world map with Taiwan highlighted in colour.
    21 / 24


    MAPAL Precision Tool Systems Co. Ltd.
    ​​​​​​​79 Gong Ming Rd.
    ​​​​​​​An-Nan District
    70968 Tainan City

    Tel.: +886 6 2472712
    Fax: +886 6 2472550
    E-Mail: mpts@mapal.com.tw
  • Thailand is highlighted in colour on the world map.
    22 / 24


    MAPAL Tooling (THAILAND) Co. Ltd.
    98/30 Romklao road
    Klongsamprawej sub-district, 
    Ladkrabang district, Bangkok 10520

    Tel: +66 2 130 7001, +66 2 130 7002, +66 2 130 7003
    Fax: +66 2 130 7000
    E-Mail: service.th@mapal.com
  • Vietnam is highlighted on the world map.
    23 / 24


    MAPAL HiTECO Vietnam Co., Ltd
    Room 04, 11th floor, Charmvit Tower,
    117 Tran Duy Hung, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District,
    Hanoi City

    Tel.: (+84) 24 3200 3396
  • It is an illustration of the world map with Australia highlighted in colour.
    24 / 24


    MAPAL Australia Pty Ltd
    Unit 3, 898, Humffray Street South,
    Mount Pleasant,  VIC 3350

    Phone: +61 (0) 3 53353400
    Fax: +61 (0) 53342379
    E-Mail: sales@mapal.com.au

MAPAL in Germany

  • The MAPAL headquarters in Aalen is highlighted on a map of Germany.
    1 / 7


    Headquarter of the company group:
    MAPAL Fabrik für Präzisionswerkzeuge Dr. Kress KG
    Obere Bahnstraße 13
    D-73431 Aalen

    Phone: +49 7361 585-0
    Fax: +49 7361 585-1029
    E-Mail: info@mapal.com
  •  The MAPAL site in Altenstadt is marked on a map of Germany.
    2 / 7


    Centre of Competence for solid carbide tools:
    MILLER GmbH & Co. KG, Präzisionswerkzeuge
    Im Tal 12
    89281 Altenstadt

    Tel.: +49 83 37 7 27 - 0
    Fax: +49 83 37 7 27 - 40 27
    E-Mail: info@miller-tools.de
  • The MAPAL site in Altenstadt is marked on a map of Germany.
    3 / 7


    Centre of Competence for PCD tools:
    ​​​​​​​MAPAL WWS GmbH & Co. KG
    Heilbronner Straße 25
    75179 Pforzheim

    Tel.: +49 7231 9663-0
    Fax: +49 7231 9663-2029
    E-Mail: info.wws@mapal.com
  • The MAPAL site in Eppingen is marked on a map of Germany.
    4 / 7


    Centre of Competence for actuating and ISO tools:
    ​​​​​​​MAPAL ITS GmbH
    Jakob-Dieffenbacher-Straße 8
    75031 Eppingen

    Tel.: +49 7262 9996 – 0
    Fax: +49 7262 9996 – 7099
    E-Mail: info.its@mapal.com
  • The MAPAL site in Meiningen is marked on a map of Germany.
    5 / 7


    Centre of Competence for solid carbide tools:
    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​WEISSKOPF Werkzeuge GmbH
    Gleimershäuser Straße 5a
    98617 Meiningen-Dreißigacker

    Tel.: +49 3693 50170-0
    Fax: +49 3693 50170-8
    E-Mail: info@weisskopf-tools.de
  • The MAPAL site in Winterlingen is marked on a map of Germany.
    6 / 7


    Centre of Competence for multi-bladed reamers:
    August Beck GmbH & Co. KG
    Ebinger Straße 115
    72474 Winterlingen

    Tel.: +49 7434 270-0
    Fax: +49 7434 270-1700
    E-Mail: info@beck-tools.de
  • The MAPAL site in Ehrenfriedersdorf is marked on a map of Germany.
    7 / 7


    Centre of Competence for clamping chucks:
    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​WTE Präzisionstechnik GmbH
    Gewerbegebiet an der B95, 2a
    09427 Ehrenfriedersdorf

    Tel.: +49 37341 17-0
    Fax: +49 37341 17-101
    E-Mail: info@wte-tools.de 

Sales Representations

WSM Herramientas de Precision, S.R.L
Mancicidor 5032
C.P.  2804 Campana
Buenos Aires
Republica Argentina
Phone: +54 911 50023763, +54 9 351 3928093
E-Mail: daniel.stephan@wsm-srl.com.ar, javier.molina@wsm-srl.com.ar
KOMET R. Cools N.V.
Boomsesteenweg 454-456
2020 Antwerpen
Phone: +32 3 2379837
Fax: +32 3 2163316
Email: info@komet.be
Hoge Haar 25
2970 Schilde
Phone: +32 3 3853897
Email: sales@optimax.tools
Hofmann Consult Bulgaria EOOD
Okolovrasten pat 66
1415 Sofia
Phone: +359 2 9609010
Fax.: +359 2 9609011
E-Mail: office@hofmannconsult.net

Naverland 2
2600 Glostrup

Phone: +45 7060 2029
email: info@edeco.dk

Maanterä Oy
Keinumäenkuja 2
PL 70
01511 Vantaa
Phone: +358 9 615322
E-Mail: maantera@maantera.fi
I.T.E. Ltd. Industrial Tools & Equipment
99-101 Thessalonikis Str.
New Philadelphia
14342 Athens
Phone: +30  210 2525222
Fax: +30  210 2516278
Shvav-Mad Ltd. Technical Supplies
21, Haogrim St. 
58857 Holon
Phone: +972 3 5596244
Laagland B.V.
Dalkruidbaan 149
2908 KC  Capelle aan den IJssel
Phone: +31 10 2922222
E-Mail: mapal@laagland.nl
A.S. Nor-Swiss
Rybenstubben 5
0679 Oslo
Phone: +47 2324 1020
E-Mail: norswiss@norswiss.no
Stenzel Maschinenhandelsges. mbH
Linzer Straße 274
1140 Wien
Phone: +43 1 914521819
Mesco Inc.
Reliance corner Brixton Street
Mesco Building
1603 Pasing City, Metro-Manila
Phone: +63 2 6311775
E-Mail: mesco@mesco.com.ph
Alamo-Ferramentas Unipessoal Lda
Mr. Rui Moreira
Rua da ETAR, Lote 9
Zona Industrial de Oiã
3770-059 Oiã
Phone: +351 936 959 556
E-Mail: rui.moreira@sapo.pt
Colly Verkstadsteknik AB
P.O. Box 6042
16406 Kista
Phone: +46 8 7030100
E-Mail: info@vt.colly.se
Industriestr. 28
2555 Brügg
Phone: +41 32 3744010
E-Mail: info@realtools.ch
MB-Naklo trgovsko podjetje d.o.o.
Ul. Toma Zupana 16
4202 Naklo
Phone: +386 4 2771700
E-Mail: info@mb-naklo.si
Bº Sta. Lucía s/n
20709 Ezkio-Itsaso (Gipuzkoa)
Phone: +34 943 729070
E-Mail: ayma@ayma.es
South Africa
Spectra Carbide Tooling Technology
24 Desmond Street Korsten
6056 Port Elizabeth
Phone: +27 41 4031500
E-Mail: spectra@spectra-sa.co.za
Hung Chih Limited Company
No. 35, Chung Cheng Rd.
Phone: +886 6 2252216
E-Mail: hclhsu@hungchih.com ​​​​​​​
İstanbul Anadolu Yakası OSB
Aydınlı Mah. 6. Sok. No: 9
34953 Tuzla / İstanbul
Phone: +90 216 4707070
E-Mail: akmakina@akmakina.com