Small and medium series with fixed tools

Valve housing EN-GJS-400-15 – spool bore

Initial situation at the customer

Valve block

  • Individual orders, smaller and medium quantities
  • No option for tool setting
  • Short cycle times required
  • High machine hourly rates
  • Stable oscillating honing available
  • Tool concept adapted to several part versions

Special features of this solution

  • No ring formation in the cavities due to special bore geometry → no costs for removal of rings
  • Optimum results in the pre-machining due to a coordinated piloting and boring process → Support of boring tools in the pilot bore = optimum straightness, position
  • High productivity with perfect pre-machining quality → High cutting values – machining time is reduced

Spool bore


1. Piloting

  • Solid carbide-boring tool with six margin lands for perfect roundness and straightness
  • Optimum chip flow and extended regrinding options through multicut technology and suitable coolant supply


2. Boring
  • Solid carbide boring tool with three cutting edges and six margin lands and special lead geometry
  • Straight bore, ideal chip flow und guide across the entire bore length

3. Control edge machining
  • Significant cycle time savings with special solid carbide circular milling cutter
  • Defined control edges without macroscopic flaws


4. Reaming
  • Multi-bladed reamer for high cutting data
  • Perfect chip control due to left-hand twist and optimum coolant supply



  • Minimal investment
  • Low cycle time
  • High availability of the machining centre
  • Low production costs
  • No tool setting required
  • Option for regrinding worldwide

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