Jacek Kruszynski is Senior Vice President at MAPAL

The expanded executive board gained a new member in January

A portrait of Jacek Kruszynski, wearing glasses, a light blue shirt and a dark jacket. 
Jacek Kruszynski has been part of MAPAL’s extended executive board since January 2020. 
MAPAL’s expanded executive board gained a new member in January 2020: As Senior Vice President, Jacek Kruszynski is responsible for the Product Management division as well as the Die & Mould, Aerospace and E-Mobility sector. “We want to significantly expand our commitment in new product areas and market segments,” says Dr Jochen Kress, President of the MAPAL Group, as he explains how the newly created position came about. In addition, product and market segment management is centrally bundled and strengthened in this way. Mechanical engineer, Jacek Kruszynski, born in 1962, brings extensive experience with him to MAPAL. After completing his studies he worked as an engineer at the Institute for Machine Tools at the University of Stuttgart in the machine dynamics group. He spent his entire subsequent professional life in the tool industry in leading positions, as Development Manager and Managing Director among others. Most recently the experienced tool specialist worked as an authorised signatory for one of MAPAL’s market competitors.

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