Process-safe chip breaking during fine machining

Chips and an insert with chip breakers on the cutting edges.
  • Chips and an insert with chip breakers on the cutting edges.
  • A section of the tool with guide pad. You can see the guide pad and the insert with chip guiding stage.
To ensure reliable chip breaking, MAPAL has developed a new chip guiding stage for machining steel. After all, if long chips are produced during fine machining using tools with guide pads, this can have negative effects on surface quality, dimensional accuracy and an automated process flow. The long chips wrapping themselves around the tool can cause damage.

The new chip guiding stage combats these very problems. Its special geometry, which has been designed and optimised with the aid of extensive FEM analyses and practical testing, means that the chips are broken reliably and automated workflows are not disrupted. The chip guiding stage is compatible with all indexable inserts with AS leads as well as with all coatings. That means that it can be integrated in the relevant insert irrespective of the application in question, thereby producing process reliability.

Kathrin Rehor, PR Project Manager at MAPAL


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