New Supplementary Volume

New Supplementary Volume
New Supplementary Volume   ©MAPAL

MAPAL has launched a new supplementary catalogue for bore machining, milling and clamping. The supplementary volume 2024 completes the MAPAL catalogue portfolio and contains a large number of products in stock. Intermediate dimensions and variants can be ordered based on the configurable features and limits. The selection systems provide guidance in the selection of the optimal tools and show the complete product portfolio.
New additions to the supplementary volume are:  
Bore machining:  

•    Double- and three-edged solid carbide drill bits for solid drilling of titanium and aluminium  
•    Deep hole drills for steel processing  
•    New reamers with fixed cutting edges  
•    Cutting for valve seat machining and boring.  

•    Solid carbide and PCD end mills for machining titanium, stainless steel and  
•    Aluminium  
•    PCD face milling cutter for the highest surface qualities in aluminium  
•    NeoMill Program Extension  

•    UNIQ hydraulic expansion chuck with new interfaces and lengths  
•    Hydraulic expansion chuck MMS, 1-channel and 2-channel system  
•    Shrink chuck MMS, 1-channel and 2-channel system  
•    Hydraulic expansion chuck with HSK-C and HSK-E separator  
•    Slip-on milling cutter mandrels with enlarged plan system and decentralised coolant transfer  
The catalogue programme and the supplementary volume 2024 are available in the media library of the MAPAL website.   

Kathrin Rehor, PR Project Manager at MAPAL


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