• MAPAL's technology centre at the headquarters in Aalen.
  • The engineers of the Technology Expert Team at MAPAL specialize in the complete planning of special components.
  • Machining solutions for complete workpieces from MAPAL.

Gaining technological lead with engineering services by MAPAL

As an engineering partner, MAPAL accompanies its customers from the planning to the optimisation of the production. They can select from service modules as required, or make use of service packages specially tailored to their needs.

In both cases, MAPAL experts with many years of experience place their high level of innovation and their holistic perspective of processes at the customers' disposal. 
The technology centre with its state-of-the-art equipment is able to exactly simulate every production process, allowing the specialists to find new, even better solutions for the customers.
The engineering specialists work deeply into the customer's processes.

Services tailored to different initial situations

  • Desiging a new manufacturing line

    MAPAL takes over the project planning for your complete workpieces and plans and realises a reliable process – quickly, flexibly, on-site, with transparent costs and complete documentation.
    Customers can concentrate on their core competence. 

  • Re-tooling the manufacturing for new parts

    Continuing to use existing machines saves time and costs. With many years of experience and know-how MAPAL guarantees the highest process reliability.
    The specialists support individually according to customer needs and, upon request, take over the complete responsibility for the re-tooling.

  • Optimising tools and processes during on-going production

    Introducing modern machining strategies and innovative tool solutions during on-going production also represents a considerable potential for increases in productivity.
    The result: longer tool lives, improved part quality and increased productivity.

Engineering service modules

  •  The MAPAL specialists analyze a component in detail.

    E1 - Project analysis

    Based on raw part and finished part drawings as well as machine data, MAPAL analyses the manufacturing task in close collaboration with the customer and develops effective machining strategies for all steps.

    The project analysis includes:
    • Machining proposals for all machining steps
    • Tool list
    • Tool sketches
    • Feasibility study
    • Harmonisation with the machine situation
    • Preparation of bore and surface plans

  • Well-founded design of the machining process by specialists from MAPAL.

    E2 - Process design

    Irrespective of whether the focus is on flexibility or productivity: with a sound design of the machining process, MAPAL supports its customers on the way to stable, economic manufacturing.

    Elements of process design:
    • Cycle time studies
    • Definition of technology data
    • Division of process over individual machines
    • Clamping principle sketches

  • he engineering specialists at MAPAL define the optimal tools for the customer's process.

    E3 - Tool solutions

    Outstanding performance, simple handling, cost-effective reconditioning: MAPAL specifically selects or develops the best, latest, cost-effective tools for the application.

    Elements of the tool solutions module:
    • Tool design
    • Tool engineering
    • Combination tools for reducing process steps
    • Design of clamping technology
    • Tool drawings
    • Assembly, setting and balancing (at MAPAL)
    • Delivery to the place of use
    • Professional support during breaking-in

  • The engineering specialists at MAPAL adapt the documentation to the individual customer.

    E4 -Documentation

    Upon request, the documentation prepared as part of the engineering services is specifically adapted to customers' requirements. This ensures the rapid implementation of the new processes and makes future changes easier.

    Documentation services:
    • Setting plans
    • Tool plans
    • Setting and installation instructions
    • Work instructions
    • Inspection and measurement logs/reports
    • Trials logs
    • Process capability reports

  • Clamping concepts are also part of the engineering services from MAPAL.

    E5 - Fixture solutions

    With individual solutions MAPAL ensures that as many workpieces and as many machining steps as possible can be reliably machined with μ-precision in one clamping system.

    Options within the module fixture solutions:
    • Preparation of drafts
    • Engineering
    • Manufacture/buying-in
    • Assembly and commissioning
    • Technical support
    • Pre-acceptance with clamping trial

  • Tool restriction studies are part of MAPAL's engineering services.

    E6 - Tool restriction study

    To prevent collisions and to identify optimisation potential, MAPAL simulates the planned machining process in advance and based on 3D models in a virtual environment.

    Tool restriction studies comprise:
    • Collision analyses
    • 3D study
    • Optimal harmonisation of tools to fixture, workpiece and machine compartment
    • Prerequisite: virtual models of tools, workpiece, clamping fixture and machine

  • n the engineering area, MAPAL also optimizes the machining parameters of the NC programming.

    E7 - NC Programming

    To design the process as productive as possible, MAPAL optimises the machining parameters during NC programming. In this way secondary activities such as loading/unloading and tool change can be accelerated.

    Elements in the module NC programming:
    • Preparation of NC program taking into account manufacturer-specific machine functions 
    • Preparation of special milling cycles (e.g. interpolation turning, trochoidal milling) 
    • Computer-based generation of machining contours (2D/3D)
    • Customer-specific program structure

  • MAPAL takes over the commissioning and running-in of the customer process on site.

    E8 - Breaking-in and commissioning

    To help customers produce reliably and without scrap, MAPAL offers to take over the commissioning and the breaking-in of the process on-site. If the schedule is tight, breaking-in can also be undertaken in the MAPAL technology centre.

    ​​​​​​​Services for breaking-in and commissioning:
    • Checking and logging the machine geometry
    • Installation of NC technology
    • Breaking-in the complete machining process
    • Preparation and implementation of process capability study
    • Transfer of process to the customer

  • MAPAL supports its customers at the start of production.

    E9 - Start-up support

    On-site support is also available as the production starts up. To guarantee a manufacture as productively and economically as possible, the machining specialists continuously check the tool lives and cutting data for the tools.

    ​​​​​​​Options of start-up support:
    • Support for production start-up
    • Troubleshooting
    • Technical support
    • Training on operation, programming and process sequence

  • The Technology Expert Team at MAPAL develops complete machining solutions for the customer component.
  • The picture shows the essential tool solutions of a MAPAL complete package for machining a steering rod.
  • A real production environment is available to customers in the MAPAL technology center in Aalen.
  • Solutions for complete workpieces

    The Technology Expert Team TET service package usually comprises the engineering modules 1-4. The TET experts take over the complete planning for the workpiece; customers and profit from MAPAL's engineering experience.

  • Process design and implementation from a single source: re.tooling

    For initial equipping or re-tooling existing machinery, MAPAL offers the re.tooling service package. As a rule this package comprises of the modules 1–9, however it will be specifically adapted to the customers' needs.

  • Real manufacturing environment for the customer: the MAPAL technology centre

    Simulating, testing and breaking-in processes without tying up capacity, for this purpose the MAPAL technology centre offers a real manufacturing environment with 11 modern machining centres, grinding machine and high-precision measuring systems, as well as the possibility of additive manufacturing. 50 engineers and technicians support and accompany customers from the idea to implementation.