•  Customized services for the production of MAPAL customers.
  • With well thought-out engineering services, MAPAL accompanies its customers from planning to optimization of production.
  • With clever logistics concepts, MAPAL taps savings potential in the production of its customers.
  • Realizing savings through reconditioning to original quality.
  • Know-how from specialists - prepared in a practical way: training services from MAPAL.

Tailored to the customers' manufacturing needs: Services from MAPAL

In the metal-machining industry, the focus is on process costs. Anybody who wants to control them must understand all processes. Here it is good if businesses can rely on a technology partner who offers comprehensive support from planning to the series production process. With its focus on the manufacture of custom tools, MAPAL has always focussed on holistic advice and support for machining tasks and processes.

Specifically tailored services offer fundamental support in all phases and all areas of production:
  • Setting up a new production facility;
  • Process optimisation;
  • Introduction of new technologies;
  • Re-tooling existing machines for new parts;
  • Optimising tool inventory;
  • Expanding the know-how of the employees.

Important features of optimum services

  •  A MAPAL consultant discusses the customer's individual requirements on site.

    Services can be selected individually

    From the individual combination of service modules to pre-defined service packages:
    The customers always receive exactly the support they need.

  • Process design and implementation from a single source - with services from MAPAL.

    Everything from a single source

    At MAPAL, customers receive everything from a single source and profit from the tools and process competence of a specialist. 
    They save time and costs for co-ordination and can be certain that all solutions are perfectly harmonised.

  •  On the world map, the countries with MAPAL subsidiaries are highlighted in green and the countries with sales representatives in light green.

    On-site services around the world

    Thanks to sites worldwide MAPAL specialists can get to the customers quickly, anywhere. 
    Engineering experts work straight in the customers' production; logistic specialists can take over the complete tool management on-site.


As an engineering partner, MAPAL accompanies customers from planning to optimization of production.

Technical lead directly on-site

​​​​​​​As an engineering partner, MAPAL accompanies its customers from the planning to the optimisation of the production. They can select from service modules as required, or make use of service packages specially tailored to their needs.

In both cases, MAPAL experts with many years of experience place their high level of innovation and their holistic perspective of processes at the customers' disposal. 
The technology centre with its state-of-the-art equipment is able to exactly simulate every production process, allowing the specialists to find new, even better solutions for the customers.


The logistics experts from MAPAL help to open up financial leeway through intelligent logistics.

Tapping the financial scope in the tool inventory

​​​​​​​Too many tools in the store signify unnecessary costs. Not enough will result in production stoppage. There is therefore significant potential for savings both in the tool inventory and the tool management process.
MAPAL logistics experts help to tap all the available financial scope. Transparent and available information on tool inventory is the first milestone in this respect. For controlling your tools is the basis for efficient tool management.


Reconditioning in original quality by MAPAL significantly increases the degree of utilization of the tools.

Invest in a long tool life

With regard to the maintenance of tools, customers have all the options with MAPAL. 
Maintenance services include:
  • reconditioning of individual tools;
  • complete maintenance contracts for specific tools and devices;
  • services for MAPAL tools and tools from other manufacturers;
  • repairs of tool bodies that are damaged due to chipping or erosion, or that have a damaged insert seat.
Upon request MAPAL supplies a measurement report that documents the precision and performance of the reconditioned tools. To ensure maximum precision in the customers' setting room, the MAPAL specialists also take over the inspection and maintenance of your mechanical or electronic actuating tools, setting and measuring devices. Telephone support and remote maintenance are also available for MAPAL tool dispensing systems.


The MAPAL training program conveys well-founded know-how for the customers' employees.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Know-how from the specialists - prepared with a practical orientation

Divided into five training areas, the MAPAL range of training courses convey comprehensive know-how, both on-site at the customers' premises and in the MAPAL Academy in Aalen.
Didactically qualified training experts provide the participants with special knowledge directly from practice. Further training seminars on the basics of machining form only the basis. In addition, MAPAL offers technology, sector and part seminars during which the participants learn all about the usage of the latest manufacturing processes. Last but not least, the training programme includes individual seminars that are exactly tailored to the respective customer's needs. 

Theory and practice are closely interlinked in all seminars. The associated training workshop and the technology centre in Aalen offer seminar participants the possibility to experience and try out training content directly in practice.