UNISET-V expert

High flexibility and precision when setting tools


The new MAPAL setting fixture UNISET-V expert is designed as a modular system. Users
can choose suitable modules to put together a setting fixture that optimally meets their 

The UNISET-V expert lends itself to mounting, measuring and setting almost any type of tool: amongst others, tools with indexable inserts, boring bars or fine boring heads with carbide 
PCD, PcBN or cermet cutting edges. 

Various tactile measuring sensors can be integrated in addition to the optical measuring functions. This makes even more micrometre-accurate setting results possible. Depending upon the tool length, the UNISET-V expert can be set up as a gantry with heel. This increases stability and – especially for long tools – the precision of the settings.

Thanks to its stable construction, the device is not affected by vibrations and oscillation that occur during manufacturing. The controls are designed to be very user friendly and thus easy
to use.

UNISET-V expert


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