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Titanium machining

In the aerospace industry, materials that are both high-strength and lightweight is the key. By making use of new combinations of materials, weight can be reduced further, strength and corrosion resistance can be increased and assembly can be simplified by using an integrated design. Whereas structural parts made of aluminium, titanium or high strength steel are machined on machining centres or gantry machines, final assembly machining is carried out by handheld machines, drill feed units or robots.

Tool program for titanium machining

MAPAL overview product portfolio for titanium machining

Milling with fixed cutting edges
  • MAPAL OptiMill-Titan-HPC


    Shoulder milling cutter

    • Four-edge shoulder milling cutter for roughing and finishing titanium
    • Special cutting edge finish for optimal surfaces and edges
    • Highest degree of tool stability through maximum core dimension and core rise at the shank
    • Different corner radii available
    • Ø area: 6.00 – 25.00 mm

  • MAPAL OptiMill-Tro-Titan


    Trochoidal milling cutters
    • Five-edge trochoidal milling cutter
    • Maximum material removal rate while providing an excellent surface finish at the same time
    • Optimised unequal spacing
    • Finely balanced cutting tool for protecting the machine spindle and a longer tool life
    • Cutting depth up to 3xD
    • Ø area: 6.00 – 25.00 mm

Milling cutters with replaceable cutting edges
  • MAPAL NeoMill-Titan-2-Corner


    Shoulder milling cutter
    • Shoulder milling cutter with double-edge radial indexable inserts
    • Positive basic shape for parts susceptible to vibrations
    • Cutting depths of up to 10 mm
    • Ø area: 40.00 – 100.00 mm

  • MAPAL NeoMill-Titan-2-Shell


    Shell end face milling cutter
    • Shell end face milling cutter with double-edge radial indexable inserts
    • Ideal for deep shoulder milling and trimming with high cutting depths of up to 57 mm
    • Ø area: 32.00 – 80.00 mm

  • NeoMill-2/4-HiFeed90

    Fraises à dresser/grande avance
    • Système d'outil universel pour une productivité élevée
    • Plage ø : 16,00 - 200,00 mm

Drilling from solid
  • MEGA-Speed-Drill-Titan


    Solid carbide drill
    • Double-edge high-speed drill
    • Four margin lands for precise surface accuracy and cylindricity
    • Convex cutting edge with corner chamfer for high stability
    • Novel knurled profile to protect the margin lands
    • Maximum heat and wear resistance
    • Ø area: 3.00 – 20.00 mm

Reaming and fine boring
  • FixReam-FXR Titan


    High-performance reamers with a cylindrical shank
    • High-performance reamer made from solid carbide
    • Straight-fluted for through and blind bores
    • Left-hand fluted for through bores
    • Ideal for implementing short cycle times
    • Variety of cutting materials and coatings available
    • Ø area: 2.80 – 20.20 mm

  • MAPAL replaceable head reamer HPR

    HPR replaceable head reamer

    Replaceable head reamers with HFS connection
    • High-precision replaceable head system in a fixed design with brazed cutting edges
    • Precise radial run-out and changeover accuracy of <3 μm
    • Highest degree of economic efficiency due to modular system
    • Suitable for minimum quantity lubrication (MQL)
    • Ø area: 7.00 – 65.00 mm

  • MAPAL Titanium Boring

    Boring in titanium

    Boring tools with tangential technology
    • Component-specific custom tools for highest productivity, economic processes and stable machining concepts
    • CTHQ and FTHQ tangential indexable inserts
    • Special arc shaped land for optimal machining results at a length-to-diameter ratio >3.5xD
    • ø area: from 22.00 mm

  • MAPAL UNIQ-MillChuck

    UNIQ Mill Chuck

    Mandrin expansible hydraulique dans un nouveau design 

    • Mandrin expansible hydraulique pour les applications de fraisage hautement dynamiques
    • Interaction optimale entre les propriétés géométriques et fonctionnelles
    • Excellents résultats lors de l'utilisation d'outils à queue HA
    • Fiabilité maximale des processus, même pour les composants de grande qualité

  • MAPAL UNIQ Chuck

    UNIQ DReaM Chuck

    Mandrin expansible hydraulique dans un nouveau design 

    • Pour les applications d'alésage et de perçage ainsi que pour la finition des opérations de fraisage
    • Interaction optimale entre les propriétés géométriques et fonctionnelles
    • Des surfaces exceptionnelles et un meilleur maniement
    • Flexibilité et productivité maximales pour l'usinage de composants aux contours critiques

  • MAPAL HydroChuck MHC

    HydroChuck MHC

    Hydraulic chuck
    • Excellent vibration dampening
    • High degree of radial run-out accuracy
    • With axial tool length adjustment

  • MAPAL MillChuck

    Mill Chuck, System HB

    Mandrin porte-fraise à méplat
    • Maniement extrêmement simple grâce à la vis différentielle
    • Rentabilité et précision maximales
    • Positionnement axial de l'outil défini grâce au système à ressort
    • Sorties décentrées du réfrigérant pour une fiabilité des processus maximale

  • MAPAL MFS milling head holder

    Porte-tête de fraisage MFS

    Attachement d'outil pour fraises à queue filetée 

    • Fixation simple et rapide des fraises à queue filetée
    • Interaction précise entre le cône et le système de planéité
    • Un maximum de stabilité et de rigidité
    • Utilisation universelle pour les opérations d'ébauche et de finition 

  • MAPAL HFS interchangeable head holder

    HFS replaceable head holders

    Tool adapter for HPR replaceable head reamer
    • Precise radial run-out and changeover accuracy of <3 μm
    • Taper and face connection provide the greatest possible stability and rigidity
    • Safe and easy handling
    • Suitable for minimum quantity lubrication (MQL)

  • MAPAL slip-on reamer arbor

    Milling cutter arbor

    Milling cutter arbor
    • Milling cutter arbor (MCA) with enlarged face connection
    • Ideally suited for roughing and pre-finishing operations in large diameter ranges
    • High flexibility through different lengths

  • MAPAL HSK adapter


    Alignment adapter module
    • For high-precision alignment of all flange modules
    • Compensation of radial run-out and angular errors of the machine spindle
    • Better surface quality and longer tool life
    • Hollow shank taper adapter and steep taper adapter available

Competence in titanium machining