Large series with combination tools for highest requirements and productivity

Valve housing AlMgSi-T6

Initial situation at the customer

Pneumatic valve housing

  • Very high quantities
  • High cycle time requirements
  • High hourly rates
  • High demand for process reliability
  • High demands on quality of surface, shape and position tolerances
  • Burr-free / scoring-free machining

Special features of this solution

  • Ideal chip breaking due to special cutting geometries
  • Perfect surfaces and contact ratios due to high-quality PCD finish tools (Rz = 1 μm)
  • Combination tool for optimum process design and cycle time reduction

Tool highlights for pneumatic valve housings

Stepped bores

Stepped bores
  • Solid carbide-multi-stepped tool with special multicut technology and chip guiding stage for ideal chip control and frequent re-grinding capability

Solution in one processing step for cone contours

Solution in one processing step for cone contours
  • PCD step drill for the process-reliable machining of cone contours as solution in one processing step

Contour machining

Contour machining
  • Multi-stepped PCD combination tool
  • Highest productivity as well as concentricity for highly complex contour machining

Control edge machining

Control edge machining
  • PCD circular milling cutter for highest surface finish and perfectly coordinated control edges



  • Precisely coordinated processes between pre-machining and finishing
  • Reduced non-productive times
  • Cycle time saving with increased quality
  • High process reliability in series production
  • The long-standing experience with regard to the development and production of PCD or solid carbide tools enables optimum process design, whatever the requirements


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