Small lot sizes  Reduced tool changes due to combination tools

Valve housing EN-GJL-300 – spool bore

Initial situation at the customer

Valve block

  • Small lot sizes
  • Option for tool setting available
  • Too many/frequent tool changes
  • High machine hourly rates
  • High effort due to single pass honing process

Special features of this solution

  • Tool change reduced due to multi-stepped boring tool with indexable inserts
  • The contour can be completed in one processing step
  • The fine boring tool creates highest bore quality and compensates the axial offset of the bores with pre-machining from two sides

Spool bore

Piloting and boring

1. Piloting and boring
  • Multi-stepped boring tool with radial and tangential indexable inserts
  • Pre-machining spool bore and completion of contours in one processing step

Control edge machining

2. Control edge machining
  • Solid carbide profile tool
  • Highest accuracy and surface finish of control edges
  • Defined control edges without macroscopic flaws

Fine boring

3. Fine boring
  • Fine boring tool with indexable inserts and guide pads
  • Ideal for bar machining of highly accurate and long bores



  • Optimally matched process due to solution with multi-stepped boring tool with indexable inserts, control edge machining and fine boring
  • Best accuracy and process reliability
  • Reduced effort when honing, resulting in cost savings

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