Boring Competence

Due to the combination of innovative technology and absolute precision during manufacture, MAPAL boring tools are high-performance tools. An understanding of the complete machining process and the production process as a whole makes possible real progress.
A radial boring tool with ISO indexable inserts from MAPAL.
  • A radial boring tool with ISO indexable inserts from MAPAL.
  • Positive, radial indexable inserts for boring from MAPAL.
  • Different types of boring tools from MAPAL.
​​​​​​​The perfect interaction of all components in a machining process allows the highest possible cost-effectiveness and resource-saving production. Here it is particularly important that comprehensive knowledge of all machining processes and machining technologies is available even during the process planning. MAPAL provides the ideal basis for the process planner with its broad range of innovative, high-performance tools and its extensive pool of experience. For this purpose, use is made of all tool technologies as necessary. The results are machining solutions without compromises.

Standard programme

  • TSW boring tools with ISO indexable inserts from MAPAL.

    TSW boring tools with ISO indexable inserts

    The MAPAL tangential roughing tools set standards in relation to stability and performance, particularly with higher stock removal. An innovative, six-cutting edge indexable insert with special support arc shaped land prevents chatter and vibration.

    Perfect multi-cutting edge capability with increased stability is ensured by the tangential installation of the indexable inserts in precision insert seats on the front face.
    • Diameter range 37 to 280 mm
    • Different contact angle for blind bores (0°) and through bores (10°)
    • Cutting depths of up to 5 mm
    • For depths of the bore up to 300 mm
    • Tangential indexable inserts with six cutting edges for high cost-effectiveness
    • Special arc shaped land on the indexable inserts ensures additional stability in the bore
    • Available in monoblock and modular design
    • Six to eight times faster than turning tools

  • Two ModulBore boring tools, standing.


    With the boring programme ModulBore, MAPAL offers a complete system for premachining and finishing bores in the diameter range from 6 to 1,000 mm.

    Thanks to its modular structure, the system is very flexible and can be configured for the specific machining operation. Double edge boring tools are available for roughing; these tools are very stable and have high performance due to a face side serration on which the insert holders are mounted. The usage of indexable inserts with positive basic geometry, helical chip spaces as well as internal coolant supply ensure a broad range of applications, a high level of work safety and straightforward handling.​​​​​​​​​​​
    • Diameter range from 6 to 1000 mm
    • High flexibility due to modular construction
    • Large diameter ranges can be machined using one tool
    • Internal coolant supply for optimum chip removal
    • Available with fine adjustment feature (ModulBore-Plus)
    • Face side serration guaranteed a stable, high-performance system
    • Variant with ISO cartridges for machining larger diameter

  • The picture shows a cartridge from MAPAL that is used in some types of boring tools.


    Along with the adjusting feature with a long adjustment travel, cartridges offer numerous possibilities for various applications as they can be interchanged quickly and straightforwardly. Cartridges are used for both internal and external machining tasks. In case of changes, for example, to chamfer angles, or in case of repair, cartridges can be interchanged without major effort.​​​​​​​
    • High flexibility due to quick, straightforward interchangeability
    • Adjusting feature with long adjustment travel
    • Compatible with all common ISO indexable inserts
    • Suitable for both external and internal machining operations
    • Available in different installation variants
    • Also available as compact cartridge with shorter length

  • Different types of ISO indexable inserts from MAPAL.

    ISO indexable inserts

    MAPAL has a wide range of radial and tangential indexable inserts that covers all requirements for different cutting materials and coatings as well as the related cutting edge geometries and accuracies. Ground, highly accurate indexable inserts in tolerance class (H) make possible, in conjunction with precisely machined insert seats, the smallest variations between the cutting edges on multi-cutting edge tools, even in case of fixed installation, which provides a "real" multi-cutting edge capability and as a result permits significant performance increases.

    Sintered radial and tangential indexable inserts in tolerance class (M) expand the programme with particularly cost-effective alternatives, in particular for machining with larger permissible tolerances.
    • Broad range of radial and tangential indexable inserts
    • The range covers ground, highly accurate indexable inserts in tolerance class H to the sintered indexable inserts in tolerance class M
    • Large selection of cutting materials for almost every application
    • Tipped variants with PCD and PcBN for highly cost-effective machining of aluminium or cast iron

Custom solutions

  • Custom tools with PCD cutting edges for boring.

    Custom solutions with PCD cutting edges

    • Individual tool solutions for demanding machining tasks
    • Highest machining quality for dimensions, surface finish and shape
    • Realisation of complex cutting geometries and extreme rake and helix angles
    • Twisted PCD boring tools for machining delicate or unstable parts and clamping systems (e.g. interrupted cuts)
    • Manufacturing tolerances from ≤ 3 μm for tool ø
    • Modular design for highest radial run-out accuracy
    • PCD boring tools with several steps guarantee the concentricity of stepped bores
    • Boring tools as combination tool for reduced non-productive times
    • Optimised for usage with minimum quantity lubrication (MQL)

  • Custom tools with ISO indexable inserts for boring.

    Custom solutions with ISO elements

    • Multi-stage design reduces the tools needed and shortens the machining time
    • Higher effectiveness due to the usage of tangential technology
    • Guide pads ensure very high positioning accuracy
    • Spring-loaded guide pads for reliable machining of large drilling depths
    • Hybrid tools combine different tool systems
    • In unstable machining situations or with large projection lengths, vibration dampers ensure higher machining quality and tool life