Pneumatic cylinder

Aluminium pneumatic pilot cylinder AW – Al Mg0,7Si – T66

Initial situation at the customer

Machining pneumatic cylinders

  • Varying hardness properties of continuous casting material
  • Medium to high quantities
  • Automated manufacturing
  • High demands on parts (form and position, burr-free and surfaces)

Special features of this solution

  • Chip breaker adapted to workpiece material and machining solution → Reliable chip control while machining long-chipping aluminium and varying hardness properties
  • Long tool life and consistent quality for automated series production and varying degrees of workpiece material quality thanks to premium PCD tools
  • Premachining with solid carbide → Precisely aligned processes from a single source

Piston bore

Machining pneumatic cylinders

  • PCD boring tool for finishing bearing seats in the pilot bore
  • PCD cutting material combined with six inserts
  • Short cycle time
  • Long tool life
  • Very good form and position

Piston bore (bearing seat)


Boring + circular milling + chamfering
  • PCD combination tool for complete machining of the piston bore’s bearing seat with minimal scratching
  • Boring and circular milling operations efficiently united in just one tool

Milling machining

Machining pneumatic cylinders

Face milling
  • PCD face milling cutter for economical face milling operations in series production
  • Machining of cylinder housing with minimal burr formation for optimal functionality

Air connection bore

Machining pneumatic cylinders

Drilling from solid
  • Step drill made of solid carbide with special multi-cut technology and chip guiding stage
  • Ideal chip control
  • Frequent regrinding possible when machining air connection and fixing bores

Machining tim bearing seat


  • High process reliability and machining with minimal burr formation for medium to high parts quantities and a high degree of automation
  • Combination tools save cycle times while maintaining part quality and functionality
  • Perfect surfaces as well as form and position tolerance thanks to tool solutions tailored to client requirements

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