More precision in the setting room

The right level of service for presetting devices will increase the productivity

Many companies rely on MAPAL when it comes to evaluating processes and reducing running production costs. In addition to the complete range of precision tools, MAPAL focuses on the setting room in order to increase productivity with powerful and innovative setting and measuring devices, among other things. Because only precisely measured and set tools achieve reliable and precise results and reduce machine downtimes.

Markus Jakob, Team Leader Customer Service Mechatronical Systems, explains:
“Maintenance and calibration procedures do not only increase the service
life of the device, but also consistently improve precision and process
reliability to the level of a new device. Given the importance of the setting
fixture in the production process, regular service is a logical consequence.”
MAPAL has therefore evaluated the complete service area for all aspects of
the setting fixtures. The newly defined service packages are now presented
to customers in a personal conversation and tailored to their specific needs.
“We want to take a much more active approach to the service area for
setting fixtures worldwide,” emphasises Jakob. “We explain the advantages
of a preventive service to our customers in detail. In order to not only offer
the quality of customer service, but also to be able to supply it, we are currently
conducting intensive training courses for our service technicians in
addition to building up personnel capacities.” The services are divided into
two categories: “Creating precision” and “Ensuring precision”.
From commissioning and training on-site to regular preventive maintenance and servicing, MAPAL is on hand with tailor-made services. 

Fast operational readiness: Creating precision

In order to be able to use a new setting fixture productively as quickly as
possible, various preparatory work must be carried out, which MAPAL specialists
can easily undertake. The commissioning of hardware and software
components is top priority. The connection and alignment of the device are
as much a part of the service as the definition and reporting of measurement
and setting data and basic instructions for the users. The measuring
instrument capability test provides a guarantee and certainty regarding the
required precision and tolerances to be complied with. Existing tools and
corresponding measurement programs can also be created by MAPAL employees
to accelerate the availability and use of the setting fixture. Finally,
MAPAL offers training and further education for various target groups and
requirements in order to ensure efficient work.
The setting fixture is commissioned by qualified MAPAL employees to ensure that the setting fixture is fully functional and usable in the shortest possible time. 

Lasting process capability: Ensuring precision

To ensure precision during operation, service modules have also been defined
for this area. During annual maintenance or calibration of the setting
fixture, all relevant features are carefully checked and calibrated; wear
parts get replaced and software updates are carried out. Time can be saved
by optimising the measuring programs. MAPAL employees provide support
with know-how, update the factory data and install new tools. The modernisation
of setting fixtures also contributes to lasting process reliability.
Setting fixtures from MAPAL have a largely modular design and can be
modernised by re-tooling. This ensures that the state of the art is always
available. With the expanded capacities in technical support for setting fixtures,
maintenance can be performed without complication as a response
to user questions both on site and remotely by telephone.
The measuring equipment capability test uses various common methods to prove that the setting fixture measures tools within the desired tolerance. 

MAPAL provides the right setting

Setting fixtures must ensure reliability, high manufacturing quality and exact
tolerances around the clock in order to guarantee reliable production.
MAPAL’s services, which will be presented at AMB 2018, stand for sustained
precision, full functionality and safe handling of the fixture by the customers’
The setting fixture ensures high production quality and exact tolerances. 

Kathrin Rehor, PR Project Manager at MAPAL


Kathrin Rehor Public Relations Kathrin.Rehor@mapal.com Phone: +49 7361 585 3342

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