MAPAL employees donate to children in need

Every year MAPAL employees in Aalen collect donations as part of Radio 7’s charity marathon. In 2019 €3,525 was collected for the cause.

Frank Khöber hands over a big donation cheque for 3,525.87 euros to Veronika Veile for the Drachenkinder (Dragon Kids).
Frank Khöber, Chairman of the Works Council at MAPAL, hands over the donations of MAPAL employees to Veronika Veile from Radio 7’s editorial team. 
MAPAL employees in Aalen show their heart for Radio 7’s Drachenkinder (Dragon Kids). 3,525 euros was collected for the cause in 2019. The collection of donations was organised by the Works Council as part of Radio 7’s charity marathon. The money goes towards helping children from the region who are ill or need special support. And it has become a tradition – every year MAPAL employees take part in the campaign.

Who are the Radio 7 Drachenkinder, Source: www.radio7.de/drachenkinder

The scheme is geared towards helping sick, disabled or traumatised children and young people from the broadcasting area. With over 9 million euros, more than 3,000 families and institutions have already been supported since the charity was founded in 2005. This makes Radio 7’s Drachenkinder (Dragon Kids) one of the most successful charity campaigns in Baden-Württemberg. The most important success factor: the exclusive use of your donations in the broadcasting area, i.e. in your direct neighbourhood. 

Kathrin Rehor, PR Project Manager at MAPAL


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