• Two young people discussing a task.

People Who Work With Us

  • Johsua Roth, Junior Inhouse Consultant at MAPAL Aalen.

    Joshua Roth, Junior Inhouse Consultant

    The future becomes tangible when innovative technologies become an everyday part of the working world. Joshua Roth tests the extent to which processes can be automated with Machine Learning and reports on his experiences as a young professional at MAPAL.

  • Hien Vo, Software Developer

    The real sprint starts when you start working with sprints. Hien Vo lives and breathes agile processes and knows every ticket in the backlog. Born in Vietnam, she works with the IT and Marketing departments as well as with external service providers around the world to create the best possible user experience for MAPAL’s online presence.

  • Dennis Sandig, Application Manager

    Digitisation needs drivers who strive for the best. Dennis Sandig is usually involved at connection points to mediate between specialist departments and development teams. He reports on his experiences at MAPAL.

Further training for professional and personal development

We put a lot of emphasis on continued and further training. Thanks to our highly qualified employees and managers, we are able to offer our customers innovative and highly productive tool solutions, allowing us to get ahead of the competition. Which is also where we intend to stay. The only way for us to achieve this aim is for our employees to always be in possession of the most up-to-date specialist knowledge.

As a response to the importance of this issue, the MAPAL Academy was established. It develops professional, social and intercultural programmes and seminars that are implemented locally at the subsidiaries of the MAPAL Group. This ensures that course contents are always up-to-date and of high quality.

Extensive continued training programmes, such as in the areas of languages or products & technology, help employees and managers keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date.

A constantly changing work environment on top of new megatrends in industry and the private sphere mean that people have to be willing to keep learning new things over the whole course of their lives. Further training for personal development is therefore also an important building block in MAPAL's approach to further training.

There are a wide range of opportunities for development at MAPAL, where we offer exciting and varied challenges for our employees. Whether it’s in the technical or commercial field, if you are committed and willing to learn, you can make progress along various paths.

Health promotion

We take care of our employees’ health, because being healthy allows a person to get more out of life and means they are more motivated at work. What we offer in terms of health promotion differs from site to site. It covers occupational safety, nutrition, exercise and ergonomics.

Employees of the occupational health service provide our employees with advice and support in the prevention and treatment of diseases, as well as offering a range of check-ups.

We support our employees’ sporting endeavours, for example by covering a part of the entry fees for various swimming contests, runs and cycle races, or by providing team clothing.

Working globally

With our production, sales and service subsidiaries, we have a presence in 25 countries. Close cooperation across sites and between these sites and headquarters is absolutely essential for presenting a consistent image to the customer. This creates interesting tasks with an international focus for our employees, providing them with both professional and personal enrichment.

International collaboration is also essential at our sites in Germany. Every division of the company has links to our subsidiaries across the globe, thanks to regular contact through our communication channels, as well as business trips.

MAPAL in numbers

  •  The picture shows a MAPAL groove milling cutter in use.


    Technology leader for the machining of cubic parts

  •  In the picture, the viewer takes a look into the MAPAL test and development center in Aalen.


    Annual investment in research and development of 6% of turnover

  •  On the world map, the countries with MAPAL subsidiaries are highlighted in green and the countries with sales representatives in light green.


    Subsidiaries with production, sales and service in 25 countries

  • In the picture, two trainees check the accuracy of a tool.


    More than 300 trainees worldwide

  •  The picture shows a technical advisor from MAPAL in conversation with a customer.


    Over 450 technical consultants on the road

  • Two MAPAL employees at their desks can be seen in this picture.


    Our most important asset: more than 5.000 employees worldwide