New indexable insert for drilling steel

  •  The new QTD STEEL-PYRAMID from MAPAL.
  • The new QTD STEEL-PYRAMID from MAPAL is used in the machining of planetary gear carriers.
  • Processing of heat exchanger components with the QTD STEEL-PYRAMID.
If steel is to be machined under unstable machining conditions, for example thin walls, or large diameters are to be machined in steel, MAPAL can offer a new insert with pyramid tip for the QTD indexable insert drill. Thanks to the innovative point thinning and the geometry of the chisel edge, the tool centres itself and therefore ensures safe bore entrance even in difficult machining situations. A low burr bore exit is also ensured thanks to a flat tip angle from 160˚.

The coating of the new indexable insert is specially adapted to machine steel. The tough substrate and geometry of the indexable insert also ensure long tool life and that it is highly resistant to wear. Once the indexable insert has reached the end of its tool life, users can replace it quickly, easily and with a high level of precision. Since the cost-intensive carbide is limited to the indexable insert, the use of the QTD indexable insert drill is also particularly economical.


The possible applications of the QTD STEEL PYRAMID are wide-ranging. It shows its strengths wherever unstable machining conditions prevail or large diameters are machined. This includes, among other things, the machining of:  
  • Steel beams
  • Planetary gear carriers for drive shafts
  • Heat exchangers, boiler plates
The QTD indexable insert drill from MAPAL with the new indexable insert drills bores in steel beams very economically.

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