MAPAL offers a wide range of floating holders for reaming operations on lathes.

Floating holders

For reaming operations on lathes

During fine bore machining, the alignment of the pilot bore with the tool axis is a prerequisite for the correct function of the reamer. On the usage of reamers on lathes it is often necessary to compensate for axial errors between the tool adapter and the bore to be machined. This error can be corrected either by aligning the tool on the machine or using a floating holder. A floating holder is particularly useful if the offset changes continuously due to the thermal expansion of the machine or at different positions when rotating the revolver.

MAPAL floating holders guarantee optimal results during machining at high speeds and feeds.
Floating holders from MAPAL compensate the angular misalignment.

Floating holders

Floating holders from MAPAL compensate for the axial and angular offset between the tool axis and the bore to be machined. In this way radial run-out and alignment errors are compensated, optimal surface finishes reliably achieved at high cutting speeds and increased tool life.

A compensation floating holder from MAPAL.

Self-adjusting floating holders

Self-adjusting floating holders optimise the effectiveness on lathes and multiple spindle machines. All the advantages of the floating holder technology can be exploited.The self-adjusting floating holders make it possible to manually adjust tool adapters that are not central in relation to the rotating spindle and slide guides that do not run parallel to the spindle axis. 

​​​​​​​The radial play on the floating holder is further minimised. Radial run-out and alignment errors are compensated without vibration, long cutting times and tool lives are ensured. The integrated coolant supply guarantees an optimal supply of cooling lubricant to the reamer cutting edges. The spindle error can be adjusted directly via an easily accessible eccentric screw.

The picture shows a floating holder for multi-bladed reamers from MAPAL.

Floating holders for multi-bladed reamers

Floating holders have a significant weakness when used in conjunction with multi-bladed, high-performance reamers. Due to the function and the construction of the floating holder, when the tool initiates the cut at the beginning of the bore, a very low cutting speed must be selected initially. After the machining of the first few millimetres it is then possible to increase the cutting speed, depending on the material and conditions on the machine. 
The mechanism inside the  floating holders for multi-bladed reamers is designed especially for machining using multi-bladed reamers so that the compensation direction, the floating path and the necessary force for deflection are optimal for a specific range of diameters and tools used in the holder. This exact matching is particularly important on starting the cut. As a result high cutting speeds are possible even at the start of the reaming operation.