Performance optimisation for precise and efficient milling


The proven PCD end milling cutters OptiMill-Diamond have undergone a technology update. Many optimisations ensure that users can use the tool to mill non-ferrous metals even more economically and reliably.

Thanks to the revised geometry, the new tools are more rigid and stable than the predecessor models. They thus achieve a longer tool life and more precise results. The new blade design provides more power and material is carried off more efficiently. Optimised chip spaces improve chip removal. This means that surfaces are not damaged by chips, especially for long-chipping aluminium alloys.

The coolant outlet of the redesigned milling cutter OptiMill-Diamond is located on the cutting edge. This extends tool life and improves machining results. The dimensions of the of the new OptiMill-Diamond series are identical to those of thepredecessor models.


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