Economical reaming in cast iron and steel in large quantities

The Press-to-Size reamer disposable head system for reaming from MAPAL.
MAPAL is launching a new system of replaceable head reamers for large-scale series production. The goal of the new design was to massively reduce the costs per bore. The solid carbide replaceable heads are cost-optimised so that they are specifically adapted to individual diameters and geometries. The replaceable head system for the diameter range 10 to 25 mm consists of a robust holder, the solid carbide replaceable head and a coolant distribution element. The head can be changed by the customer's employee on site, a big plus in terms of cost-effectiveness. The replaceable head is merely exchanged and disposed of. This system does not allow the replaceable heads to be reconditioned.

By eliminating the logistics cycle, the new replaceable head system significantly improves the profitability of reaming operations in large-scale production. This effect is even reinforced by the fact that, in contrast to carbide-tipped reaming tools, the solid carbide replaceable heads can be designed with a CVD coating, with correspondingly positive effects on tool life.

Application example

​​​​​​Component: Universal joint fork

Diameter:15.025 mm
Tolerance:18 µm
Reaming depth:8-16 mm / side
Cutting depth ap:0.07 mm
Roundness:9 µm

Tool solution: PSR rapid set head

Design with six cutting edges and spiral point, cutting material HP421 and a holder suitable for MQL machining.

Tool life: 22,000 parts

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Gaylord Spranz from the Product Management Reaming at MAPAL.

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Gaylord Spranz Product Management Reaming +49 7361 585 3362