Energy supply housing

Battery tray and power electronics in CAD representation

Different housings are used to protect electronic components, such as battery systems or power electronics, from external environmental influences and to attach the components to the interior in order to ensure that they function properly during vehicle operation. The requirements for the housing depend on the electronic system and drive concept. Different materials and manufacturing processes are currently used.


  • Unstable, thin-walled components (susceptible to vibration)
  • Construction as a cast tub or as a frame construction made of hollow profiles
  • Partly low-silicon aluminium
  • Large area (2 x 3 m)
  • Mainly drilling and milling operations and threading
  • Accuracy and surface requirements for cable bushing and cooling

Tool overview

  • Tool overview for the machining of aluminium structural parts
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    Standard programme for the machining of aluminium structural parts

    • Highly positive cutting edge geometry
    • Reduced cutting forces
    • Low vibration cut
  • OptiMill-SPM-Rough
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    • Low vibration roughing with deep cutting depth
  • OptiMill-SPM
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    • Ideal for making openings or pockets
    • Solid carbide design or with brazed PCD cutting edges
  • OptiMill-SPM-Finish
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    • Finishing of great depths in one go
    • Strong performance with high wraps
  • Tritan-Drill-Alu
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    • Creation of core holes
    • Three cutting edges for the highest feed rates
    • Highest positioning accuracy through self-centring cross cutting edge
  • PCD milling cutter overview
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    PCD milling cutter overview

  • PCD milling cutter with alternately arranged cutting edges
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    PCD milling cutter with alternately arranged cutting edges

    • Low cutting forces over the entire machining depth
  • Spiralled PCD milling cutter
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    Spiralled PCD milling cutter

    • Finishing of thin-walled structures
  • PCD Helix milling cutter
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    PCD Helix milling cutter

    • Trimming with a large cutting depth
  • PCD face milling cutter
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    PCD face milling cutter

    • Face milling for a cutting depth of up to 10 mm
    • Creation of defined surface profiles for sealing and contact surfaces

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