Machining solutions for e-mobility

Mobility is changing – the goal is a CO2-neutral future

For the vehicle industry, this means developing alternative drive concepts. One approach is to move away from the combustion engine and towards the electric drive. But this change will not happen overnight. The components of the conventional drive are being further developed and the use of vehicles with hybrid systems is increasing. Nevertheless – sooner or later, fully electrified vehicles will be the main users of roads.

As a supplier of cutting tools for the automotive industry, MAPAL incorporated this topic
into the company's strategic orientation at an early stage. And transferred its expertise in
machining the conventional power train to the components to be machined in electrically
powered vehicles. 

Electrified components

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Mapal Services - Engineering, Logistic, Maintenance, Training

With the engineering service module, MAPAL guarantees fast, precise and safe manufacturing. Further savings potential can be tapped in the area of logistics and maintenance. And in the area of training, MAPAL ensures that the specialist know-how it has gathered is transparently and completely available to the customer – this gives customers a decisive lead over their competitors.

All of the services offered by MAPAL focus on optimal processes and comprehensive support on the way to Industry 4.0. The goal is to always significantly assist the customer in achieving smooth, productive and economical manufacturing.


  • Solutions for complete workpieces including tools, devices, NC programs and commissioning
  • Complete process design and implementation from a single source
  • Fast and flexible on-site support worldwide
  • Efficient and cost-optimised tool technology
  • Optimum coordination of tool, workpiece, equipment and machine
  • Highest product quality, process reliability and cost-effectiveness right from the start
  • Fast throughput from planning to implementation with maximum planning security

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