Plastic injection mould inserts

Feasibility study – cooperation between Röders GmbH and MAPAL Dr. Kress KG.

General Information

Project: Plastic injection mould inserts
Machine: Röders RXP601 DSH
Material: WR. 1.2343
Hardness: 50 ± 2 HRC
Dimensions of raw material: 200 x 120 x 90


  • Achieving surface quality and accuracy in accordance with requirements for plastic injection moulds
  • Flexible tool solution from the standard range of products
  • Reduction in the machining time due 5-axis simultaneous machining concept

Top facts about the machining solution

Roughing at high feed rates

Efficient roughing by using a high-feed milling cutter with six cutting edges.

High surface precision

Finishing with high surface precision and consistent roughness with a four-edge corner radius milling cutter.

Efficient finishing

Increased line spacing compared to conventional ball nose milling cutters by using shoulder radius milling cutter.

Wiper geometry

Axial and radial wiper geometry enables greater cutting depth and higher feed rates, thus contributing to higher productivity.