• The picture shows an overview of the reaming and fine boring programme from MAPAL.
  • A replaceable head reamer from the MAPAL HPR range in use.
  • MAPAL reliably machines the stator bores of electric motors with a highly specialized fine boring tool.

Competence Reaming and Fine Boring

Precision tools for reaming and fine boring of bores are the core competence of MAPAL. The company is continuing to write its success story related to this area that started with the "original reamer" in 1954. 
Thanks to decades of experiences and continuous further development and optimisation, MAPAL can offer its customers the optimum tooling solution, perfectly tailored to the complexity of the machining operation and the precision requirements.
Next to tailor-made custom solutions, MAPAL offers a broad standard programme of tools for reaming and fine boring.
  • The picture shows a multi-stepped special tool for fine boring from MAPAL directly on the component.

    For every workpiece material up to diameters of 315 mm

    Along with the diameter and required bore tolerance, the workpiece material is the most important selection criterion for the appropriate reamer. 
    The programme from MAPAL includes, along with tools for machining steel, inox, cast iron and aluminium, also solutions for the cost-effective, reliable reaming of titanium, super alloys, plastics and composite materials.

  • An open connecting rod is used as an example to show how a MAPAL reamer processes the large eye.

    High-performance coatings

    The coating on the cutting edges is a vital factor for the tool life and optimal machining results. 
    MAPAL offers a large selection of substrates and coatings, each matched to the related machining case.
    The state-of-the-art inhouse coating plant is one decisive factor to provide optimum coatings.

  • A MAPAL reamer shortly before entering the bore of a brake calliper.

    Reconditioning in original quality

    Re-ground reaming tools and cutting inserts that achieve a machining performance of up to 100 percent compared to new tools represent an important control lever for production costs.
    For this reason MAPAL offers tool reconditioning in the form of re-grinding and re-coating in manufacturing quality. 
    And that includes comprehensive services: If required, MAPAL organises the collection and delivery of the tools and guarantees standardised original quality worldwide.

  •  State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities form the basis of the high manufacturing precision at MAPAL.

    Latest production equipment

    3D design and simulations form the basis for the manufacture of MAPAL tools. The data are transferred via interfaces to the related machining centre that forms part of the state-of-art range of machinery available on site. In this way MAPAL reaming tools are produced to the highest quality requirements with monitoring and control by experienced staff. 
    Precision and effectiveness are guaranteed.

  • A selection of special tools for reaming and fine boring from MAPAL.

    Custom solutions

    Special machining tasks require special tools. For this reason MAPAL offers custom reaming tools individually tailored to the requirements of the customer. 
    Requirements are met optimally with special lead geometry and coatings as well as multi-stepped tools. 
    Combination solutions with other tool technologies from MAPAL can further increase the productivity and reduce non-productive times.

Tools with guide pads

A selection of reamers with indexable inserts and guide pads from MAPAL.

Highest accuracies with the MAPAL principle

Tools with guide pads have high accuracy and performance due to 
  • the direct guiding in the bore using guide pads and 
  • the high quality of the precision-ground indexable inserts.
Particularly on the fine machining of bores, the requirements are exceptionally high on the cutting material, coating, cutting edge geometry and the quality of the grinding. Due to highly sensitive and accurate adjusting systems, the required diameter is produced to the μm from the first part. 
​​​​​​​The setting effort is significantly reduced by the EasyAdjust-System from MAPAL, as it is only necessary to set the diameter of the tools.

High-performance reamers with cylindrical shank

Replaceable head reamers

 MAPAL replaceable head reamers for exact concentricity and changing accuracies and simple handling.

MAPAL offers replaceable head reamers with different head systems. They impress with exact radial run-out and changeover accuracy, and with safe and simple handling, particularly during assembly and dismantling. 
The standard programme covers versions for through bores and blind bores as well as a broad choice of cutting materials.

Reaming solutions for large diameters

Solutions for reaming large diameters from MAPAL.

Especially for machining from a diameter of 40 mm, a programme of high-performance reamers with individual configuration options and HSK or module shank is available. 
From the simple cutting ring to high-performance tools with straightforward insert change on site – for every application MAPAL offers a suitable solution for the high-accuracy and cost-effective machining of almost all workpiece materials.

Floating Holders

MAPAL has an extensive portfolio of floating holders for reaming operations on lathes.

For reaming operations on lathes

During fine bore machining, the alignment of the pilot bore with the tool axis is a prerequisite for the correct function of the reamer. On the usage of reamers on lathes it is often necessary to compensate for axial errors between the tool adapter and the bore to be machined. This error can be corrected either by aligning the tool on the machine or using a floating holder. A floating holder is particularly useful if the offset changes continuously due to the thermal expansion of the machine or at different positions when rotating the revolver.
MAPAL floating holders guarantee optimal results during machining at high speeds and feeds.

Custom solutions for reaming and fine boring

  •  Special solutions with guide pad technology from MAPAL.
  • Special solutions with the EasyAdjust system from MAPAL.
  • Special solutions in the field of multi-bladed reamers from MAPAL.
  • Special solutions with HPR technology from MAPAL.
  • Special reaming tools for machining large diameters from MAPAL.