MAPAL moves into new building in Komorniki

Ceremonial opening of the new location in Poland

MAPAL Narzędzia Precyzyjne (MAPAL precision tools) in Poland got a new head office. MAPAL acquired a 5,000 square metre premises in Komorniki, not far from the previous site in Poznań. A modern and generously equipped office building has now been erected there.

A leader in tool management

To mark the grand opening of the new site on 29 March 2023, Dr Jochen Kress, President of the MAPAL Group said: “Our business in Poland has developed brilliantly over the past 25 years. Demand for our products has steadily increased and it makes us proud that we’re taking on a leading role as a tool supplier and service provider in Poland especially in the area of tool management. Of course, we also owe this to our competent team on site, which takes excellent care of our customers and ensures the smooth running of the manufacturing processes.” MAPAL has now paved the way for the future with the new building. Dr Kress explains: “We’re going to become even more involved in the E-mobility, Aerospace, Die & Mould and Fluid Power market segments with product programmes that focus on application and we’re going to expand our presence in these sectors.”

Modern office building with customer showroom

MAPAL employs 72 highly qualified specialists in Poland, including 31 engineers alone. Aleksander Zielonka, CEO of MAPAL Narzędzia Precyzyjne, explained at the opening ceremony: “It was a great decision to expand our available space. We now have sufficient resources in Komorniki to expand our activities. We can also provide our employees with a very appealing work environment where they’ll feel comfortable and can continue to develop.” The two-storey building covers an area of almost 850 square metres. It has modern office spaces, conference rooms and social areas, its own logistics and storage areas as well as a well-equipped showroom for the customers. MAPAL has invested around two million euros in the new site.

Member of the MAPAL Group since 2002

In Poland, the company serves the production plants of international automotive and mechanical engineering manufacturers, among others. A collaboration with the commercial agency Gallo-Ex in Poznań that began in 1996 led to its takeover in 2002. Since 2005, the branch office has been trading as MAPAL Narzędzia Precyzyjne. In 1997 MAPAL received a major order in Poland from a diesel engine manufacturer in Tychy, and in 2004 it took on its first tool management project for the VW plant in Poznań. MAPAL reamers entered the Polish market as far back as the 1970s. At the time, the buyer was one of the largest ship engine manufacturers in the country.

Tool reconditioning and regrinding service

The branch office has cooperated with the affiliated company MAPAL C&S in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic, for many years. MAPAL C&S is responsible for repairing PCD and solid carbide tools for customers in Poland. MAPAL Narzędzia Precyzyjne also maintains a close working relationship with the headquarters in Aalen, the MAPAL Centres of Competence in Germany and the plant in Italy.

Kathrin Rehor, PR Project Manager at MAPAL


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