New generation of clamping devices - UNIQ Mill Chuck & UNIQ DReaM Chuck 4,5°

Since November 2020, the first two series of MAPAL chucks have been available in the new design which is already winning awards.

From left to right you can see the Hydro DReaM Chuck 4.5˚ and the Hydro Mill Chuck.
Available since November – the new clamping chucks from MAPAL in an outstanding design. From left to right you can see the UNIQ DReaM Chuck 4.5° and the UNIQ Mill Chuck. 
Since November 2020, the first two series of MAPAL chucks have been available in the new design which is already winning awards. Both hydraulic chuck series – UNIQ Mill Chuck and UNIQ DReaM Chuck – clearly combine the performance promise of quality and function in their new design. This is achieved through an optimal interplay of geometric and functional properties.

The newly-developed hydraulic expansion clamping system enables high machining parameters through excellent stability and accuracy. It minimises self-excited vibration so that clamped tools are not exposed to micro-vibration. This in turn leads to a reduced spindle load of up to 15 per cent, enables a significantly longer tool life and guarantees optimal surface finish.

In addition, the brilliant surface which MAPAL creates using a specially developed polishing process ensures that the chucks are more resistant to dirt and corrosion. Users can safely clamp the tool in the connection with little force requirement. This is ensured by “foolproof handling”, i.e. simple and self-explanatory handling of the chucks. This saves a considerable amount of time compared to other clamping mechanisms, especially with the UNIQ DReaM Chuck 4.5°.

The new hydraulic chuck UNIQ Mill Chuck is specially designed for clamping milling tools with an HA shank. Due to the high temperature resistance of 80 C° even at very long milling cycles, it impresses with excellent process reliability and high material removal rates in highly dynamic milling applications of high-quality components. For example, machining at spindle speeds of up to 33,000 min-1, SPM (Structural Part Machining), HSC (High Speed Cutting) or HPC (High Performance Cutting). It is universally suitable for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing operations.

The UNIQ DReaM Chuck 4.5° is ideally suited for reaming and drilling applications as well as for use with finishing milling cutters. Thanks to the clamping initiation in the hollow shank taper collar, it enables maximum rigidity with minimal use of material at minimal tool restriction. The outer contour of the UNIQ DReaM Chuck is based one to one on DIN 69882-8 for heat shrink chucks. This means that the advantages of hydraulic clamping technology can be transferred to these applications.


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