• Training of customer employees in the MAPAL technology center.
  • View into a seminar room of the MAPAL Academy.

Know-how from the specialists - prepared oriented on practice

Investment in the own staff: Training services from MAPAL

​​​​​​​Divided into five training areas, the MAPAL range of training courses convey comprehensive know-how, both on-site at the customers' premises and in the MAPAL Academy in Aalen.
Didactically qualified training experts provide the participants with special knowledge directly from practice. Further training seminars on the basics of machining form only the basis. In addition, MAPAL offers technology, sector and part seminars during which the participants learn all about the usage of the latest manufacturing processes. Last but not least, the training programme includes individual seminars that are exactly tailored to the respective customer's needs. 

Theory and practice are closely interlinked in all seminars. The associated training workshop and the technology centre in Aalen offer seminar participants the possibility to experience and try out training content directly in practice.

Initial situation: the customer's demand

  • Further train the staff in a specific area

    Basic and advanced seminars convey sound knowledge related to machining. The seminars are aimed in particular at qualified personnel, supervisors, technicians and engineers.

  • Increase competitiveness

    Technology, sector and part seminars contain detailed information on the usage of the latest manufacturing technologies and processes with which can sustainably increase productivity.

  • Increase process reliability

    The MAPAL technology experts prepare customer-specific seminars especially to suit the customers' requirements. Whether part, product or process-related: the objective is always to make processes as effective and reliable as possible.

Service modules training

  •  Proven specialists impart their knowledge in the MAPAL Academy.

    T1 - Basic seminars

    Theory and practice of machining for engineers, technicians and specialist staff from the metal sector.

    The seminar programme:
    • Machining theory
    • Reaming and fine boring tools
    • Tools for drilling, boring, countersinking
    • Milling tools
    • Clamping system
    • Actuating tools
    • Devices for measuring, setting, dispensing

  • The participants of an advanced seminar discuss a topic.

    T2 - Advanced seminars

    For participants who have completed the corresponding basic seminars and others with comparable knowledge.

    The range of seminars:
    • Machining theory for the advanced
    • Design of PCD tools for drilling, boring, countersinking
    • Milling tools II
    • Actuating tools TOOLTRONIC®

  • Discussion in the technology centre in Aalen.

    T3 - Technology seminars

    For engineers, technicians and experienced specialist personnel with sound knowledge of machining. Aimed to prepare the participants  for the introduction of new machining processes and tool technologies. The high level of orientation on the practice at suitable machines increases the sustainability of learning.

    The seminar programme:
    • Hard machining
    • Minimum quantity lubrication
    • Machining thermal spray coatings
    • Machining lightweight materials
    • Trochoidal milling
    • Interpolation turning and TOOLTRONIC®

  • Specialists convey specific industry-related content in industry seminars.

    T4 - Sector and part seminars

    For engineers, technicians and experienced specialist personnel with sound knowledge of machining.
    Technology experts convey Comprehensive understanding for the complete machining of various parts. Objectives of the seminars are the full exploitation of the potential of the tools in use and a significant increase in productivity of the machining process.

    The range of seminars:
    • Automotive (e.g. turbocharger, brake caliper, engine block, gearbox housing)
    • Aerospace (e.g. structural parts, propulsion)  
    • Machine and plant engineering (e.g. bearing housing, actuator)
    • Wind power (e.g. rotor blade, rotor hub, gearbox, generator)
    • Die and mold applications

  • In customer-specific seminars, the MAPAL specialists plan the content specifically for the needs of the individual customer and his employees.

    T5 - Customer-specific seminars

    Seminars that are individually tailored to the customers' machining processes and the training needs of the staff represent an important module of MAPAL's training services.
    They help to specifically increase the know-how of the participants, to fully exploit the potential of the machines and to increase process reliability.

    ​​​​​​​The module comprises:
    • Tailored training courses matched to the respective customer's needs

The MAPAL Academy at the Aalen site.

The MAPAL Academy

The specialists of the MAPAL Academy are responsible for the training services. The seminars are mostly held in the Academy, in seminar rooms with the latest media equipment. The direct connection to the MAPAL technology centre and training workshop, allows for a perfect combination of theory and practice. 
All seminars can also be held on-site at the customer's location.