Two MAPAL employees in production at the Altenstadt centre of competence.

Reconditioning to original quality results in major savings

Investing in long tool lives with maintenance services from MAPAL

With regard to the maintenance of precision tools, MAPAL offers a broad range of options: from reconditioning of individual tools to a complete maintenance contract for specific tools and devices. Reconditioning services is available for MAPAL tools as well as for tools from other manufacturers. As part of the repair service, MAPAL specialists also repair tool bodies that are damaged due to chipping or erosion, or that have a damaged insert seat. Upon request customers receive a measurement report that documents the precision and performance of the reconditioned tools. 

And to ensure maximum precision in the setting room, MAPAL also takes over the inspection and maintenance of mechanical or electronic actuating tools, setting and measuring devices. Telephone support and remote maintenance for MAPAL tool dispensing systems complement the maintenance services. 

Initial situation: the customer's demand

  • Continuing to use tools in original quality

    MAPAL increases the tool life and reduces the tool costs with original re-grinding and original coating. MAPAL employees pick up the tools on schedule and return them punctually, ready for use, in original quality.

  • Individually modifying tools

    Irrespective of the tools' manufacturer (MAPAL or other); irrespective of whether new or used: on request MAPAL individually adapts standard tools to customers' requirements. 

    • changing the diameter;
    • polishing chip flutes;
    • adapting the cutting edge geometry to the machining situation.

  • Ensuring precision and durability by means of maintenance

    To increase the service life of actuating tools, setting and measuring devices, MAPAL offers to prophylactically inspect and service them. Regular inspection and maintenance guarantee precision and process reliability in the production.

Maintenance and inspection of the complex actuating tools requires expert knowledge.

Service modules maintenance

  •  A milling cutter is reground.

    M1 - Reconditioning MAPAL tool or tool from other manufacturer

    By reconditioning to original MAPAL quality the tools again achieve almost 100 % of the tool life of newly purchased tools. That saves costs.

    Scope of service:
    • Re-grinding and coating
    • Re-eroding
    • Re-tipping with indexable inserts or milling cartridges
    • Replacement of wearing parts
    • Chromium plating and re-grinding of shanks
    • Measurement report service

  • Two MAPAL specialists discuss a customer's modification request.

    M2 - Modification of tools

    Beyond delivering the original quality, MAPAL also offers to individually modify the tools for the individual production task and return them quickly and punctually.

    The service module comprises:
    • Modification of length, diameter and cutting edge geometry
    • Polishing of the chip flutes
    • Individual undercutting on shanks
    • High-performance coatings

  • Repairs are also part of the MAPAL maintenance service.

    M3 - Repair service

    Tool bodies with chipping, erosion and damaged insert seats also receive a second life. MAPAL repairs them and restores the accuracy true to the original.

    The repair service includes as well:
    • Chromium plating and re-grinding
    • Laser deposit welding

  •  Regular maintenance of actuating tools increases their service life significantly.

    M4 - Preventive maintenance and inspection

    The regular maintenance of actuating tools, setting and measuring devices increases their service life. In this way users avoid irreparable wear and ensure processes are precise and reliable.

    MAPAL offers:
    • Function check
    • Replacement of wearing parts and faulty components
    • Balancing of actuating tools
    • Calibration of setting and measuring devices
    • Software updates for electronic devices
    • Telephone support and remote maintenance for tool dispensing systems

 On the world map, the countries with MAPAL subsidiaries are highlighted in green and the countries with sales representatives in light green.

Maintenance services worldwide

Irrespective of where the customers produce in the world: They can be certain to profit on-site from the MAPAL services for maintenance and reconditioning.

​​​​​​​High-quality, consistent, fast.