• Logistics services from MAPAL open up financial leeway.
  •  Two MAPAL specialists analyze a tool.
  •  MAPAL logistics experts discuss tool inventory with a customer.

Tapping available financial scope - with logistics services from MAPAL

Too many tools in the store signify unnecessary costs. Not enough will result in production stoppage. There is therefore significant potential for savings both in tool inventory and in the tool management process.
MAPAL logistics experts will help tap all the available financial scope. Depending on the customer's needs, transparency and availability of all information on the tools comes first. As monitoring and controlling the tools is the basis for efficient tool management.

The MAPAL range of logistics services ranges from the analysis of the tool inventory with suggestions for optimisation, to complete tool management. Here customers can select individual service modules or a complete service package.

Two MAPAL employees at a setting device.

The basis: The requirements of the customers

  • Transparently organising tool inventory

    MAPAL ensures the clear organisation and optimisation of the tool inventory based on transparent data. In this way customers avoid unnecessary machine stoppages and unnecessary capital commitment.

  • Continuously optimising inventory

    Upon request a MAPAL specialist is available on-site who provides long-term support and implements continuous measures for the optimisation of tool costs.

  • Outsourcing tool management

    In this case MAPAL staff take over the complete procurement and management of the tools at the customer's, including all tasks in the setting room.

Sustainable production: Tool management 4.0

 Toolmanagement 4.0 makes production fit for the future with digital support from the c-Com platform.
Digitalisation is bringing about completely new possibilities for tool management. 
Data and information can be provided in a much more transparent and consistent manner for all parties involved – manufacturing, purchasing, planning, tool manager and supplier. 
The overall process is much more efficient. 

MAPAL offers a digital tool management based on the c-Com open cloud platform, a product of c-Com GmbH. This gives rise to a cross-functional and group-wide technology database for companies. Redundant structures are a thing of the past.

With Tool Management 4.0 customres profit from MAPAL's comprehensive know-how as a complete provider for machining. 

Along with leading tool solutions and services related to the machining process, MAPAL offers highly accurate setting fixtures as well as intelligent dispensing systems developed in-house. The browser-based open cloud platform c-Com networks tool, store and production and ensures that customers can access their data in real time from anywhere. 
Applicants have full control of all costs incurred at all times. 

Technology data are entered and managed centrally. In this way it is ensured that all employees on all sites have access to the same up-to-date data at all times. Manufacturing is more efficient and the costs are reduced.

Logistics service modules

  •  A look into the tool store of a MAPAL customer.

    L1 - Inventory analysis

    To determine the customer's needs, the MAPAL experts initially analyse the existing tool inventory and tool management, and based on this analysis prepare a quotation for the optimisation.

    Inventory analysis comprises:
    • Analysis of the actual inventory situation
    • Proposal for optimisation
    • MAPAL expert team on-site

  • The picture shows an employee taking inserts out from stock.

    L2 - Cataloguing

    Cataloguing the tool inventory creates a uniform, permanently retrievable pool of data. This pool of data acts as the basis for the clear organisation of the tools.

    Cataloguing services consist of:​​​​​​​
    • Consistent master data
    • Preparation of tool drawings and setting sheets
    • Preparation of planning data (minimum, maximum, re-order stock levels)

  • The picture shows the shopping cart button on a computer.

    L3 - Procurement management

    Optimised procurement management is important for the clear organisation of the tool inventory. MAPAL takes over the responsibility for this aspect and reduces the load on the customer's staff.

    ​​​​​​​Part of the procurement module:
    • Processing of MAPAL articles
    • Optional procurement of articles from other manufacturers
    • Supplier purging

  •  The picture takes a look inside a grinding machine on which a tool is being reground.

    L4 - Reconditioning

    Customers can save costs by reconditioning their tools to original quality in good time. MAPAL offers a complete service for all types of tools.

    ​​​​​​​Scope of services:
    • Reconditioning of own tools and tools from other manufacturers
    • Inspection & maintenance of actuating tools, setting and measuring devices
    • Repair service

  •  Safe transport of tools with the toolboxes of the pick-up service.

    L5 - Pick-up service

    To ensure quick and reliable processing during reconditioning, MAPAL employees pick up the tools from customers' premises and then return then back freight paid.
    ​​​​​​​Components of the pick-up service:
    • Collection by service driver or courier
    • Safe transport in the MAPAL toolbox
    • Delivery of reconditioned tools

  • The Unibase-M tool dispensing system from MAPAL.

    L6 - Tool dispensing systems

    MAPAL tool dispensing systems continuously monitor the tool inventory electronically. Specialists install the system and, if required, train customer staff.
    ​​​​​​​Services regarding tool dispensing systems:
    • Automatic tool dispensing
    • Intuitive software
    • Variable drawer division
    • Simple order processing

  • In the picture you can see the desk of a disposition employee.

    L7 - Planning

    With the planning service, MAPAL specialists adapt the tool inventory exactly to the orders and the volumes produced. In this way customres work particularly cost-effectively.

    ​​​​​​​Planning services include:
    • Inventory management
    • Consideration of changes in production volumes
    • Continuous maintenance of planning data (minimum, maximum, re-order stock levels)

  • Removal of a drill from a Unibase-M tool dispensing system from MAPAL.

    L8 - Stock management

    Upon request, MAPAL takes  over the complete stock management including purging and identifying slow/non-moving articles.

    ​​​​​​​Elements of the module stock management:
    • Stock purging
    • Identification of slow/non-moving articles
    • Consignment store

  • The picture shows a hand with a stopwatch.

    L9 - Analysis and optimisation

    Anybody who wants to realise savings in the area of tool costs must take into account the complete machining process. Here customers profit from MAPAL's process competence.

    ​​​​​​​The module comprises:
    • Tool costs per machine
    • Tool costs per part
    • Analysis of reasons for withdrawal and tool fractures
    • Joint definition of optimisation objectives
    • Holistic optimisation of the machining process

  •  MAPAL employees provide technical support.

    L10 - Technical support

    As part of this service customers receive long-term support from a MAPAL specialist who implements, on-site, continuous measures for the optimisation of the tool costs.
    ​​​​​​​Scope of this service:
    • Technical contact on-site
    • Troubleshooting

  • A model of a setting room, equipped with MAPAL devices.

    L11 - Planning the setting room

    MAPAL provides vast experience also during the planning of the setting room and creates the basis for precise, cost-effective manufacturing.

    ​​​​​​​Details of the services concerning the setting room:
    • Planning and implementation of the setting room

  •  Setting and assembling tools is a module within MAPAL's logistics services.

    L12 - Assembly and setting

    Upon request MAPAL staff also undertake the assembly and setting of the tools on customers' premises over the long term.

    ​​​​​​​In detail:
    • Disassembly and assembly of the tools
    • Precision setting of the tools to drawing by MAPAL personnel
    • Maintenance of the tool body

Billing options:

After withdrawal:

With this billing model customers receive one invoice with all the tools used at the end of the month. Procurement and financial bookkeeping efforts are reduced significantly as a result.

Sharp cutting edge:

The price for the tools used is calculated as a mixture of the new price, re-grinding price and number of times reconditioning is possible. This means predictable, constant tool costs.

Cost per part:

Customers remain particularly flexible and are guaranteed annual savings with this model. The tool costs per part produced are calculated. This option ensures optimal cost distribution with fluctuating volumes.