The new Rockbit-Drill from MAPAL improves the production of rock drilling tools.

Rockbit-Drill improves mining tools

High-tech superstructures, devices and tools are used in mining.
Solid carbide drill with innovative coating from MAPAL for machining the bit inserts of rock drilling tools.
Rock drilling tools are an integral part of mining processes. For example, when blast hole drilling, drilling for pipelines or creating new shafts in mines, the tools break the rock and carry it out in chunks. Rotary bits are often used for larger diameters in a range of applications. The use of drill bits has proven itself especially for smaller diameters.

Both types of tools - rotary bits and drill bits - have in common that their steel tool bodies (cold-work steel, alloyed tempering steel or special steel) are equipped with bit inserts made of carbide in order to break even very hard rock.

To ensure process reliability in mining, great importance is attached to the high-precision manufacturing of rotary bits and drill bits. The manufacturers therefore machine the seats for the bit inserts with micrometre precision.

MAPAL has developed the Rockbit-Drill made of solid carbide especially for machining bit seats. The innovative coating of the drill ensures high wear resistance and thus a long tool life. Specially designed chip flutes ensure optimum removal of the chips. Thanks to its quadruple-bevel geometry, the tool generates an optimal bore quality in terms of alignment and position accuracy. It is available with a tip angle of 141˚ for machining drill bit seats and a tip angle of 180˚ for machining rotary bit seats.

Together with a MAPAL hydraulic clamping chuck, users machine the seats for the bit inserts with the Rockbit-Drill in a reliable process and with high precision.

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