A new dimension of process reliability

The OptiMill-Composite-Speed-Plus features a new diamond coating developed by MAPAL with even distribution and higher coating thickness. The bigger core diameter increases fracture strength by 50 percent. The improved groove profile ensures efficient, reliable removal of dust and process heat even when machining large volumes. The cutting wedge has been specially optimised to meet the requirements of brittle workpiece material. The special cuttingedge serration causes double compression so that fibre fraying on the workpiece edges of the upper and lower sides are reliably separated.

This allows the OptiMill-Composite-Speed-Plus to attain a new dimension in process reliability.Compared to the OptiMill-Composite-Speed, 20 percent longer tool life is achieved.

Customer Benefits

New tool design for more productivity

Variants at a glance



Shoulder milling cutter, coated

  • First choice in good process conditions

  • Stiff machining conditions

  • Good for high demands on productivity

  • Diameter range: 4.00-20.00mm

  • With pulling or pushing cutting edge



Shoulder milling cutter, uncoated

  • First choice for unfavorable process boundary conditions

  • Robust against vibrations

  • Good for low abrasiveness, e.g. B. GRP and natural FRP

  • Diameter range: 4.00-20.00mm

  • With pulling or pushing cutting edge

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