The optimal clamping tool for every application

On using tools, their connection to the machine spindle, and therefore the clamping technology, plays a central role that is often undervalued.

On fine machining parts, very good results can be achieved with the highest radial run-out accuracies. The effect is very significant even on drilling or milling, as lower radial variations have a positive effect on tool lives.
An overview of different types of chucks and clamping technologies MAPAL offers.
Manufactured with the latest technology, the clamping technology programme from MAPAL offers the perfect solution for every application and a connection that ensures the tool has the necessary performance, radial run-out and changeover accuracy in use. From the manual HSK clamping units with the MAPAL KS clamping cartridge, through clamping tools with flange module, hydraulic and shrinking technology to adapters, the MAPAL standard programme covers a wide variety of systems and technologies. MAPAL offers a comprehensive range of standard programme also for machining with minimum quantity lubrication MQL.
  • KS clamping cartridges upright

    Manual HSK clamping technology

    An important element of the MAPAL HSK clamping technology is the KS clamping cartridge. The manual clamping mechanism provides maximum clamping forces that can be achieved reliably due to the simple, robust construction. The KS clamping cartridge is used in spindles and basic holders, directly or via adapter flanges.

  • Different types of hydraulic expansion chucks

    Hydraulic chucks

    Due to their high radial run-out accuracy and the resulting even cutting action as well as the excellent vibration damping, MAPAL hydraulic chucks guarantee optimal workpiece finishes. In addition, microstructure cracking on the tool cutting edge is prevented by the hydraulic system, the tool lives increased and costs reduced. The high clamping reliability is ensured even at high spindle speeds. The chucks can be adjusted to the μ thanks to axial and radial length adjustment.

  •  Overview of shrink chucks, upright

    Shrink chucks

    Using the shrink chucks ThermoChuck the tools can be accurately clamped for almost all milling operations. High torque transmission and radial rigidity characterise this chuck. Long-term radial run-out accuracy and repetition accuracy of < 3 μm in the location bore guarantee high dimensional accuracy at the workpiece. The shrink chucks from MAPAL are finely balanced as standard so that high surface finishes and long tool lives are ensured. 

  • Mechanical chucks

    Mechanical chucks impress due to their simple construction and the uncomplicated handling. The clamping is safeguarded regardless of the direction of rotation even at high spindle speeds. The standard programme for mechanical tool clamping covers precision drill chucks that are also available in a micro design with direct clamping from 0.2 mm. Due to the modular design, the drill chucks are available with all forms of machine-side tool bodies. Collet chucks, Weldon and Whistle Notch chucks round off the programme of mechanical chucks.

  • The picture shows milling cutter arbors with vibration damping from MAPAL.

    Milling cutter arbors

    For mechanical and hydraulic tool clamping of boring and milling tools.

  • Adapters and blanks

  • MillChuck surface chuck, HB system

    Power chucks for high-performance milling operations

    MAPAL's power chuck impresses with its strong clamping capacity, easy handling and significantly improved radial run-out. The location bore is manufactured in the single digit μm range and therefore with significantly more precision than before. This reduces the radial play of the clamped tool and significantly improves radial run-out. The large tolerance on the lateral clamping surface is also compensated. Here MAPAL relies on a spring element in the connection that makes possible a defined form closure between tool and connection. Cooling channels parallel to the axis in the clamping range also ensure improved coolant supply. To simplify the handling, a two-piece clamping element is used. This reduces the tightening torque while maintaining the same clamping force, enabling the tool to be reliably clamped in the connection manually.

Various chucks suitable for minimum quantity lubrication machining

Broad standard programme of MQL clamping tools

An important role for a stable MQL process is played by the related chuck so that the lubricating medium is reliably transported to the cutting edge. MAPAL offers clamping tools for the 1-channel system and also for the 2-channel system. From shrink chucks of short and long design, through hydraulic chucks with axial or radial length adjustment, to the HighTorque Chuck (HTC). The advantages of the HTC are above all extremely high torque transmission for high-power milling and extremely good thermal stability. This aspect is particularly important, as during MQL machining relatively high temperatures reach the chuck via the tool shank.