Efficient deep drilling up to 40xD

One highlight are the deep drills of the new MEGA-Deep-Drill-Steel product range up to 40xD, which are specially designed for machining steel and cast iron.
MEGA-Deep-Drill-Steel beim Bearbeiten einer Bohrung
With the MEGA-Deep-Drill-Steel, MAPAL presents the new standard for deep drilling, especially for machining steel and cast iron. The solid carbide deep drills are optimally protected with an innovative coating with HiPIMS technology in the cutting edge area. The head coating ensures frictionless chip removal and is therefore essential for reliable processes when
producing deep bores.

Spherical blades provide stability at the cutting edges and thus ensure a long tool life and high level of productivity. The point angles were selected so that the deep drills always start the cut with the chisel in the pilot bore. The four margin lands ensure exact drilling precision as well as a very small bore pattern.
The picture shows three models of the MEGA-Deep-Drill-Steel in different lengths.
The new standard for deep drilling: MAPAL presents the MEGA-Deep-Drill-Steel with the length ratios 15xD to 40xD at the EMO 2023.  ©MAPAL

With the MEGA-Deep-Drill-Steel, deep drilling is possible without pecking cycles at very high feed rates. The tools are suitable both for use with internal cooling and for minimum quantity lubrication, which has a positive effect on the tool life in steel machining.

The standard range available from stock includes length ratios of 15xD to 40xD and the diameter range from 3 mm to 16 mm, with the long designs up to 9 mm. Adapted pilot drills are available for difficult drilling conditions.

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