High-volume machining of aluminium

New milling cutters made of solid carbide and with indexable inserts

MAPAL is launching two new products for high-volume milling of aluminium, thus expanding its portfolio for the aerospace industry. The two milling cutter series in solid carbide and with indexable inserts are particularly suitable for use on high-performance machines.
Das Bild zeigt drei unterschiedliche Fräser für die Hochvolumenbearbeitung von Aluminium.
With the OptiMill-Alu-Wave and the NeoMill-Alu-QBig, MAPAL showcases a complete range of products for high-volume machining of aluminium materials at EMO 2023.  ©MAPAL


High-volume machining at over 20 l/min.

The new solid carbide roughing cutter Opti-Mill-Alu-Wave for aluminium materials takes full advantage of the performance of the fastest machines on the market, achieving a material removal rate of up to 21 litres per minute.

The cord roughing cutter has large, flat shafts for optimal chip formation. Polished chip flutes facilitate chip removal. The three-side cutter is fitted with central cooling and a modified face geometry, which enables ramp angles up to 30 degrees. The OptiMill-Alu-Wave is not only ideal for aerospace structural parts but also for applications in the automotive field and general machine engineering. 

Diameter ranges from 12 to 25 mm with projection lengths short, medium and long are available. Further variations are configurable, so close-contour roughing is also supported.

Solid carbide milling cutter OptiMill-Alu-Wave as a side and front view


Fast material removal rates with low cutting forces and high-quality surface finishes

The new indexable insert cutters NeoMill-Alu-QBig are a highly economical solution for larger diameters. They offer maximum efficiency with a material removal rate of up to 18 litres per minute. Thanks to ultra-strong bolts and a fine-balancing system, this tool boasts a spindle speed of up to 35,000 rpm. The combination of low cutting forces and high-precision indexable inserts enables high-quality surface finishes. Internal cooling and very large chip spaces ensure optimal heat dissipation and chip removal.

Depending on the application, the milling cutter is available with uncoated inserts, PVD-coated indexable inserts and CVD-diamond indexable inserts.

The tool bodies are available in a diameter range of 32 to 80 mm for hollow shank taper (HSK) or shank taper (SK) as well as mounting tool variants.

The new indexable insert cutters NeoMill-Alu- QBig

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