OptiMill-Tro-Inox: Highly Productive Milling in Stainless Steel

The picture shows two milling cutters from the OptiMill-Tro-Inox series.

To ensure highly productive machining of stainless steel (Inox), MAPAL is launching the OptiMill-Tro-Inox – a new, six-fluted solid carbide trochoidal milling cutter.

In particular, high-temperature-resistant and tough workpiece materials of the ISO material group M have a tendency to block the chip flutes at high machining volumes, making reliable machining difficult. The OptiMill-Tro-Inox solves this challenge through an optimal ratio between the number of cutting edges, chip breakers and a new type of flute shape. The modern multilayer coating is another key advantage of the six-flute solid carbide trochoidal milling cutter. This counteracts adhesive wear and, combined with the carbide matched to the application, ensures optimum results.

Initial applications underline the performance potential of the OptiMill-Tro-Inox: compared to well-known market solutions with four or five cutting edges, the new six-flute trochoidal milling cutter from MAPAL stands out with a 20 percent increase in material removal rate and has a 30 percent longer tool life. The tool achieves cutting depths of up to 5xD reliably in one pass. The optimised helix angle also reduces the extraction forces which increases process reliability.

The OptiMill-Tro-Inox is available in the diameter range from 4 to 20 mm in the designs 2xD to 5xD and will be available from stock from June 2022.

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Michael Villwock from the Product Management Solid Carbide Tools at MAPAL.

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