The versatile PCD face milling cutter for small quantities


The new FaceMill-Diamond-ES is a versatile entry-level addition to the PCD face milling cutters in MAPAL’s FaceMill-Diamond family. The milling cutters have fewer blades than the established FaceMill-Diamond tools, making them a more cost-effective and economical solution. With a diameter of 50 mm, for instance, the FaceMill-Diamond-ES has five blades, while the classic FaceMill-Diamond has twelve.

Another difference is the area of application: The FaceMill-Diamond-ES is suitable for shoulder milling, trimming and machining thinwalled parts, as well as face milling. The milling cutters in the FaceMill-Diamond-ES series can be reground and re-equipped. They are exclusively available as milling cutters for arbor mounting.

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