Aluminium machining

Optimum surface finish for every quantity

MAPAL is adding two new products to its wide range of aluminium machining tools.

The FaceMill-Diamond-ES is a versatile allrounder that ensures high economic efficiency and lasting process reliability in demanding production conditions with smaller quantities and changing part types.

The indexable insert milling cutters from the new NeoMill-T-Finish series ensure a dramatic increase in economic efficiency as well as efficiency in finishing in series production.

Each tool is adapted specifically to the customer’s requirements. Maximum economic efficiency and productivity are the top priority.

To the products

  • FaceMill-Diamond-ES

    The new FaceMill-Diamond-ES is a versatile entry-level addition to the PCD face milling cutters in MAPAL’s FaceMill-Diamond family.

  • NeoMill-T-Finish

    With the NeoMill-T-Finish, MAPAL presents a milling cutter with indexable inserts for face milling aluminium at high quantities for the very first time.