Finishing with maximum precision and without adjustment

The NeoMill-T-Finish indexable insert milling cutter is designed for economical and reliable finish machining in series production. The milling cutter impresses with its very simple handling: The blades can be exchanged on site without confusion and do not need to be adjusted - MAPAL calls this principle Plug & Mill.

A high cutting material variance enables the NeoMill-T-Finish to be used for all aluminum alloys and also sand casting. The patent-pending blade arrangement ensures smooth running, low burr formation, uniform wear and therefore the best surfaces.

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    Tool holder

    Monolithic or adaptive design
  • 2 / 6

    Base body

    Individual design - maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness
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    Emulsion, MMS, dry or air-cooled
  • 4 / 6

    Finish blade

    Wiper geometry with large radius of action for excellent surface quality
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    Cutting materials

    Different cutting material options for all applications in the aluminum sector
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    Peripheral blade

    The pre-cutting stage ensures low burr formation

Configurable features

  • Diameter range: 50,00-315,00 mm
  • Cut surface: HSK, SK, CAT, BT
  •  Separation point: Milling arbor
  • Number of tooth: Tool configuration and cutting data are defined for maximum efficiency and economy for each application

Plug & Mill principle

Alle Schneiden sind vor Ort verwechslungssicher austauschbar und müssen nicht eingestellt werden.

Scope of application

When selecting the optimum face milling cutter for aluminium machining, the surface finish to be achieved and the cutting depth play an essential role.

Your direct contact

Heiko Rup, product manager at MAPAL.

Contact person

Heiko Rup Product- and Applicationmanagement Indexable Tools Phone: +49 7361 585 3034