MAPAL supports Ukrainian refugee children

Philipp Rottenbiller, Dr. Erwin Schuster, Jacek Kruszynski and Andreas Enzenbach from MAPAL (from left) with a part of the IT equipment.
Loading a part of the IT equipment for shipment to MAPAL Poland: (from left to right) Philipp Rottenbiller, IT specialist trainee, Dr Erwin Schuster, Vice President Business Processes and IT, Jacek Kruszynski, CTO, and Andreas Enzenbach, Vice President Marketing and Corporate Communications.  ©MAPAL

MAPAL has collected IT equipment to the value of a complete truck load at its locations in Germany to donate to Ukrainian refugee children. This included computers and laptops as well as other hardware - all fully functional but no longer in use in the company. Employees also followed the management's call and donated their no longer used IT equipment from private property.

The collected material has now been forwarded to MAPAL's Polish subsidiary in Poznan. In Poland, Ukrainian and Polish teachers want to enable refugee children to learn again as quickly as possible through online offers. Employees and trainees from the IT department at the Aalen site had checked the equipment in advance and prepared it for reuse. The colleagues in Poznan are handing over the IT equipment to the individual learning initiatives and ensuring it reaches the Ukrainian children and young people directly.

Kathrin Rehor, PR Project Manager at MAPAL


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