MAPAL takes on apprentices from Alfing Kessler Sondermaschinen

New future for eight aspiring mechatronic engineers

MAPAL takes on apprentices from Alfing Kessler Sondermaschinen
The apprentices and their trainer Henrik Konrad (3rd f. r.) together with the personnal managers from MAPAL.   ©MAPAL
MAPAL is significantly expanding its training capacities. The company is strengthening the area of mechatronics by taking on eight trainee mechatronics engineers from the company AKS (Alfing Kessler Sondermaschinen) in Aalen-Wasseralfingen. With this strategic decision, MAPAL is not only securing the future of the young people, but also enabling them to continue their training under optimum conditions. AKS and MAPAL have been working together in the field of training for many years. In order to secure the existing training contracts in the long term, the two companies have decided to transfer the entire training contracts to MAPAL. The previous trainer and the complete training equipment from AKS will also move to MAPAL, which will ensure the continuity and quality of the training. 

Familiar environment

MAPAL Chief Human Resources Officer Dr Michael Fried emphasizes the mutual benefit of the takeover: "In the course of our previous cooperation, the trainees from AKS have already completed parts of their practical training at MAPAL and can now continue this in an environment they are already familiar with." At the same time, MAPAL is expanding its expertise in the field of mechatronics and consolidating its position as a trainer that covers the entire range of mechatronics training. 

Good career prospects

The importance of the mechatronics profession is increasing, driven by the introduction of new technologies and the need for automation in production. In view of demographic trends and the acute shortage of skilled labour, adjustments to manufacturing processes are a decisive factor in enabling production in Germany in the long term. 

Increase in competence

MAPAL began training mechatronics engineers in 2018 and has already achieved considerable success. Two graduates won the World Championship of Robotics Professions in 2022. While AKS took over the teaching of electrical engineering training content in individual practical phases as part of the training cooperation, MAPAL focused on the acquisition of mechanical skills. Now all skills can be combined under one roof, making the training even more effective. 
With the current expansion of training capacities, MAPAL is underlining its commitment as one of the largest training companies in Aalen. The headquarter is now training a total of 115 apprentices, including 15 mechatronics engineers.

Kathrin Rehor, PR Project Manager at MAPAL


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