Donation for the people in Ukraine

Charity collection at the MAPAL sites in Germany

Chairman of the Works Council Uwe Homann (centre) with two trainees and the symbolic cheque
Uwe Homann, Chairman of the Works Council at MAPAL in Aalen (centre) and the trainees Marleen Kaufmann and Lukas Bäurle present the symbolic cheque  ©MAPAL
Fighting has been going on in Ukraine for six months, with devastating consequences for the people of the country. In order to help the victims of war through the difficult times, the employees of the MAPAL Group are getting involved in many ways. They support refugees, donate material goods and in April took part in a campaign by the company to provide IT equipment for Ukrainian schoolchildren. In addition, the employee representatives of the MAPAL sites in Germany have now organised a donation campaign for the people in Ukraine. The management joined the campaign and generously rounded up the amount donated by the employees. In this way, 5,000 euros were collected and transferred to the "Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft – Gemeinsam für Menschen in Not" (Alliance Development Helps – Together for People in Need). The alliance organises the delivery of relief goods to Ukraine and distributes food, water, hygiene articles as well as medicine and heating material.

Kathrin Rehor, PR Project Manager at MAPAL


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