Successful premiere: First blood donation day at MAPAL

Initiated by young professionals. Great engagement among employees.

The first blood donation campaign at MAPAL was a complete success and will not be the last. More than 100 dedicated employees took part, setting an example of humanity in action. Supported by the professional team of the DRK Blutspendedienst (German Red Cross Blood Donation Service), the donation took place in a specially converted hall on the company premises.

First blood donation day at MAPAL
  • First blood donation day at MAPAL
  • People register in the lobby of the blood donation center.
  • Two donors on a lounger, with a carer in between.
  • A white truck stands in front of a production hall.

Motivated young professionals launched the campaign: Following an appeal by the JAV Jugend- und Auszubildendenvertretung (Youth and Trainee Representation) on the company's intranet platform, more than 300 employees signalled their willingness to donate blood, which made it clear that a single blood donation day would not be enough to consider all volunteers.

Among those willing to donate were many who wanted to participate in a donation either for the first time or after a longer break, encouraged by colleagues who donate blood regularly. All of them appreciated the fact that MAPAL offered them the opportunity to easily integrate participation into their daily work routine.

Trainees and first aiders provide support on Blood Donation Day

People register in the lobby of the blood donation center.
Members of the youth and trainee representatives supported the DRK in registering the donors.  ©MAPAL
A commitment to social issues and good corporate citizenship are an integral part of MAPAL's corporate culture. The company is proud of the fact that these values are also firmly established among younger employees. The members of the JAV showed enormous commitment and not only took over the organisation of the blood donation campaign. They also ensured that everything ran smoothly and, together with some MAPAL first aiders, supported the DRK team on the blood donation day. 

Joy among the donors

From the morning until the early evening, the donors arrived at the specially set up "blood donation centre" on the MAPAL premises. There were no waiting times as every donor could choose the preferred date in advance. The registration and filling out the forms was followed by a preliminary examination and a short consultation with the doctor. The actual blood donation was then done in a few minutes. After a short rest period, the donors were given a warm meal, cake, and the opportunity to chat to each other. The joy of having done something good was palpable in everyone. MAPAL and the German Red Cross honoured the commitment of the "lifesavers" with a small gift. 

Follow-up appointment

With every donation, many sick and injured people can be helped. It only takes 500 millilitres of blood to save up to three lives. This is because those responsible at MAPAL are keen to honour their employees' willingness to donate. They have agreed to another blood donation day at the company. This will take place in a few weeks' time and the dedicated JAV team will organise it again.


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