Better, faster, more cost-effective: drilling from solid in steel

During drilling from solid in steel, the focus is on quality, time and cost-effectiveness. And these topics are therefore also in the foreground during the development of new tools. Along with the Tritan-Drill Steel, which is the tool of choice for the highest cost-effectiveness even in difficult drilling situations, MAPAL has developed new tools for special applications with clear added value for the user.

5 horizontal drills: MEGA-Pilot-Drill, MEGA-Deep-Drill, Tritan-Drill-Steel, MEGA-Drill-Hardened and MEGA-Speed-Drill-Inox.
  • 5 horizontal drills: MEGA-Pilot-Drill, MEGA-Deep-Drill, Tritan-Drill-Steel, MEGA-Drill-Hardened and MEGA-Speed-Drill-Inox.
  • The QTD indexable insert drill with pyramid tip against a white background.
  • A detailed view of the front of the QTD indexable insert drill with pyramid tip.

Deep holes with smallest diameters: MEGA-Deep-Drill and MEGA-Pilot-Drill

If the deepest bores with the smallest diameters are required, MAPAL offers the optimal combination with the drills MEGA-Deep-Drill and MEGA-Pilot-Drill. The MEGA-Pilot-Drill is used as a pilot drill and is specially matched to the deep hole drill MEGA-Deep-Drill. The deep hole drill was developed specially for the small diameter range from 1-2.9 mm. Thanks to the newly designed chip flute and special face geometry, very high feeds and cutting speeds are possible. The MEGA-Deep-Drill has a head coating for optimal chip removal.

Highly productive for hardened and stainless steels: MEGA-Drill-Hardened and MEGA-Speed-Drill-Inox

To be able to offer highly productive solutions for steel machining, also for hardened materials or for greater drilling depths, MAPAL has developed, on the one hand, the MEGA-Drill-Hardened and, on the other hand, the MEGA-Speed-Drill-Inox for machining depths of 8xD and 12xD. For the MEGA-Drill-Hardened, the macro and micro geometry of the tool was specially matched to hard machining up to 65 HRC. A new carbide substrate as well as an innovative coating ensure very long tool lives. On the MEGA-Speed-Drill-Inox, a new groove profile was developed specifically for drilling depths of 8xD and 12xD. The drill features chip spaces that become larger toward the shank; as a result, the chips do not jam in the chip flute. The chip flutes are also very finely ground.

Unstable machining conditions economical and reliable drilling: QTD indexable insert drill with pyramid tip

If steel is to be machined in unstable machining conditions while using the smallest possible amount of carbide at the same time, MAPAL offers a new indexable insert with pyramid tip for the indexable insert drill QTD. Due to the tip, the indexable insert centres itself; reliable bore entry is therefore ensured. The coating on the new indexable insert is also specially adapted to the machining of steel. In this way the wear resistance is significantly increased. The result is very long tool lives.

Kathrin Rehor, PR Project Manager at MAPAL


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