MAPAL trainees in Aalen donate to “The Advent of Good Deeds”

28 apprentices from MAPAL present a large donation cheque. They are at the MAPAL Training Centre.
Donating to a good cause. 705 euros were collected by the trainees, dual course students and the team of trainers. 
The trainees, dual course students and the MAPAL team of trainers regularly support social projects. To achieve this, they give up one euro of their monthly pay cheque. The money goes into a collection fund, which is emptied twice a year. Shortly before Christmas 2019, they collected 705 euros, which they donated to the aid campaign “The Advent of Good Deeds” of the Aalen daily newspaper Schwäbische Post. The relief action uses the donations to support people in need in the distribution area of the Schwäbische Post. 

Kathrin Rehor, PR Project Manager at MAPAL


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