Minimized set-up time, maximum tool life – cooperation between MARPOSS and c-Com

When companies bundle their competencies, they often open up significant added value for their customers. One example of this is the collaboration between MARPOSS and c-Com.

A drill during the machining of a workpiece. There are flying chips.
When companies put their skills together, they often create significant added value for their customers. 
The ideal and longest possible tool life is an important cost factor for machining companies. However, often compromises must be made in mass production where automated processes apply. In order to avoid quality issues and costly scraps, tools are replaced as soon as they achieve their “nominal” tool life although in many cases they could work longer. 

This is one of the issues tackled by the “ARTIS GENIOR MODULAR” module from MARPOSS. Since years market leader in the area of fully automatic tool and process monitoring, “ARTIS GENIOR MODULAR” can simultaneously monitor and visualize multiple signals and channels detecting any signs of wear on the tool or tool breakage. In this way tool life can be extended and the entire system (machine, workpiece and tool) is protected from any damage. 

In order to enhance the already advanced functionalities of the module, MARPOSS recently started working with c-Com GmbH and its open-cloud platform c-Com. “ARTIS GENIOR MODULAR” and c-Com exchange data. As soon as defined warning limits for tool wear are reached, the responsible operators receive through a c-Com SW application, a notification on their mobile device, for example a smartphone or tablet. Reducing reaction time and making processes more efficient.

Thanks to the overview about the upcoming tool changes, in form of either remaining number of workpieces or tool life time, provided by the c-Com application new tools can be prepared in advance in the pre-setting room. In this way set-up times and consequently machine downtimes caused by missing tools are minimized. This also leads to reduced investments on tool holders as the number of needed spare tools is significantly lower. 

MARPOSS and c-Com have presented the result of their promising cooperation for the first time at EMO 2019.


ARTIS has been a leading international company in the field of tool and process monitoring for metal machining since the 1980s. MARPOSS acquired ARTIS GmbH in 2008. 
MARPOSS is an Italian family-run business that leads the market in the field of measurement and testing technology for hard manufacturing applications. MARPOSS has its own sales and service organisations in 34 countries and now has more than 3,700 employees worldwide. 

About c-Com:

c-Com GmbH is a young start-up established in early 2017 and is part of the MAPAL Group. The open cloud platform c-Com provides innovative software solutions for a collaborative data management in the metal cutting industry., The platform brings together the business partners along the supply chain and makes processes around tool management transparent, efficient and fast.

Kathrin Rehor, PR Project Manager at MAPAL


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