Graduation ceremonies with presentation of certificates

Very good performance under pandemic conditions

79 junior employees at the MAPAL sites in Aalen, Pforzheim, Winterlingen, Altenstadt and Ehrenfriedersdorf successfully complete their training.

The picture shows the graduates at the ceremonial presentation of their certificates.
At the graduation ceremony at the headquarters in Aalen, 42 junior employees received their certificates.  ©MAPAL
In 2022, 79 young skilled workers successfully completed their dual training or dual studies at the MAPAL sites in Aalen, Pforzheim, Winterlingen, Altenstadt and Ehrenfriedersdorf. The Chambers of Industry and Commerce awarded prizes to twelve graduates, including one who was the best industrial mechanic in the state.

In addition to twelve award-winning graduates, a further five received commendations from the Ostwürttemberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce for good exam performance. All 79 trainees at MAPAL locations in Germany passed their final exams with flying colours. Which shows how great the motivation of the young people is, who, like their trainers, faced particular challenges with the corona pandemic. State-of-the-art training facilities and qualified trainers ensure the high quality of training at MAPAL.

Group photo of the awarded trainees of the MAPAL centre of competence Pforzheim.
Awards for four training graduates at the centre of competence Pforzheim, from left: Edwin Steineker, Ivan Degtyarev, Florian Wanitschek. Not on the photo: Simon Ebert  ©MAPAL

Dr Jochen Kress, President of the MAPAL Group, congratulated the 42 graduates at the headquarters in Aalen and presented the certificates at a ceremony. He encouraged the young people to bring their newly acquired knowledge into the company and to work on the future topics of the MAPAL Group. New technologies such as e-mobility, the development of new business areas and digitalisation offer the young people exciting opportunities and plenty of scope for professional development.

In addition to Tobias Ilg, who was named the best industrial mechanic in Baden-Württemberg by the Ostwürttemberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce, five other graduates completed their training at the Aalen plant with an overall grade of “very good”. Among them is Lena Klaus, who, after her training as an industrial clerk, is now completing a dual course of study in business administration.

Award ceremony of the MAPAL trainees in Winterlingen 2022
Four trainees from Winterlingen successfully completed their training. The picture shows, from left, Benedikt Lich and Nico Kleine-Boes who received a commendation.  ©MAPAL
At the Centre of Competence for PCD tools in Pforzheim, eight apprentices completed their training. Four cutting machine operators received an award. The centres of competence in Ehrenfriedersdorf and Altenstadt are proud of one prize each and a total of 25 graduates. Kilian Blumenthal from Altenstadt was also the best apprentice in his training occupation in the West Swabia business sector. The centre of competence in Winterlingen is pleased about four successful graduates.
Almost all of the graduates accepted the offer of employment from MAPAL and now support their experienced colleagues in production or administration.
Award ceremony of the MAPAL trainees in Ehrenfriedersdorf 2022
Markus Schneider, Cutting Tool Operator at the MAPAL centre of competence Ehrenfriedersdorf, completed his apprenticeship with a "very good" rating.  ©MAPAL

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